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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Could Plot ‘Twist’ Bring Lee Dutton Back in Season 4?

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Have we seen the last of Lee Dutton, or could the oldest child of John be making a comeback for Yellowstone season four?

Lee Dutton didn’t last very long as a character in Yellowstone. In fact, the 38-year-old (arguable the favorite) child of John and Evelyn Dutton didn’t even make it past the first episode.

After the Dutton’s cattle got loose and made their way onto the reservations, the cowboys teamed up to fight against the Indians. A tale as old as this country. At the end of the hour and a half long episode, Robert Long, Monica Long’s brother, kills Lee. In return, Kayce kills his brother-in-law during the shootout. Both Lee Dutton and Robert Long die in the battle for the cattle.

Throughout the rest of the first season, John Dutton is faced with the decision to cremate his son, to hide evidence, or to bury him out back with the rest of the Dutton family. Believe it or not, John is a man of faith and notes that the Bible says a cremated body cannot rise to heaven.

Regardless, Lee Dutton is cremated in a portable horse incinerator.

Will Lee Dutton Come Back To ‘Yellowstone’

This hurts Lee’s chances of coming back to life completely, especially because there was a coroner’s report and a significant amount of time has passed since his death. However, Dave Annable, the actor who plays Lee Dutton, may have thrown some hints if he will come back to the set of Yellowstone in the future.

Annable took to Instagram in October to share a few clues as to what he is up to or will be up to while getting a nose swab from a COVID test.

“Back to work, baby!!! Hint: It’s cold here. Another hint: The beard is staying. 🤠😉”

Could Lee Dutton be dusting off the cowboy hat and saddling back up? Montana gets pretty cold around October, and most of the Yellowstone cowboys rock some mean facial hair.

Fans are hoping for the best and the resurrection of Lee Dutton. One said, “Yellowstone S4 – Lee survived, twist!” while another said, “please please please come back from the dead!!!! We miss Lee!!!!!!”

As we said, it’s unlikely but not unheard of. This is all up to Taylor Sheridan’s discretion.

Also, considering the number of Duttons may be dwindling, John may need his ghost son for guidance.

The Fate of the Dutton Family

In the last episode of season three of Yellowstone, Kayce, John, and Beth all have assassination attempts carried out. Who will survive? Who did it? While we here at Outsider have picked apart every last detail and theory to who called for the attack and who survived, I have my own idea. Take it or leave it.

I, a mere staff writer, believe that Kayce Dutton will survive the masked gunmen that enter his office due to two crucial facts. One, he is an ex-Navy SEAL. The man can handle being trapped in a corner and fight his way out. Two, he flipped a massive wood desk to shield him. He now has skills, a gun, and shelter. I’d bet he makes it out alive.

As for John, the man is the backbone of the show. Also, we have already seen him survive the initial shots due to a conveniently placed cell phone in his chest pocket. The man has also been through hell and back, surviving cancer, numerous assassination attempts, and an emergency surgery performed by a veterinarian. He also had our bet to live.

Beth, however, is a toss-up. She is such a main staple to the show that it would be surprising to see her die. At the same time, no regular person could survive a blast within that proximity. Her death could also be the camel that broke Rip’s back or however that saying goes. This could spark his killing revenge tour. Again, Beth Dutton’s fate is a toss-up.

Finally, Lee is dead by every sense of the word in our book. He may come back for some flashback scenes or maybe those scenes where they kind of go to heaven or hell or purgatory, and they see their relatives who have already passed on. Regardless, I assume we will be seeing Lee Dutton again, just not currently alive. However, it’s not like we saw him that much in the first place.

Like the rest of you, we are anxious to see how everything will pan out for the Dutton family. Paramount will release season four of Yellowstone in June of this year.