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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Are Potential Reshoots Causing Season 4 Premiere Delay?

(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Fans of Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” are still in wait-and-see mode as there has still been no official announcement regarding the new season.

There appears to be a high level of secrecy as “Yellowstone” prepares to enter into its fourth season. There was a belief that the brand new season would begin in June. That might still be the case but we are now 10 days into June with no official premiere date. Much speculation has arisen as to why “Yellowstone” officials have maintained radio silence regarding the upcoming season.

While we have heard nothing official regarding a delay in starting season four, that very well might be the case. A recent casting notice put out by “Yellowstone” calls for actors to serve as extras in a shoot that was to begin today (Thursday). The casting call notes that the scenes will be shot in Montana over the span of a couple of days. It is also entirely possible the showrunners have decided to reshoot a scene or two with the cast.

That theory was strengthened earlier this week in a social media post from cast member Gabriel “Gator” Guilbeau. The actor plays Dutton family chef “Gator” on “Yellowstone” and is also a real-life cook. On Wednesday, Gator posted a video to his Instagram page that shows him grilling up some food. His location cannot be confirmed but it certainly looks like he very well could be in Montana. Is he there with the rest of the “Yellowstone” cast to reshoot scenes? It is a definite possibility and would make a lot of sense if the premiere date does indeed get pushed back.

Yellowstone Issues Call for Montana Actors

The casting call is interesting and one that many “Yellowstone” fans quickly took notice of. The call states that “Yellowstone” will be filming a “protest scene” in Hamilton, Montana. The call states producers are looking for several extras to play activists, members of the press as well as law enforcement officials.

Filming for the fourth season of “Yellowstone” supposedly wrapped up earlier this year but it is nothing new for shows to reshoot scenes at a later time. Reshooting or adding scenes is a pretty common practice among television shows and films. It certainly appears to be the case for “Yellowstone” as they try to get season four off the ground.

Perhaps the simplest conclusion to draw from the lack of premiere date is that the new season just isn’t ready yet. That isn’t exactly what “Yellowstone” fans want to hear right now but patience is a virtue we all need in this case.

We have a feeling that the extended wait for season four is going to be totally worth the effort. So, stay strong “Yellowstone” fans — our wait is soon coming to an end.