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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Reddit Fan Posts “Plausible” Theory on Dramatic Season 3 Finale

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One sharp Redditor is sharing his theory on who is behind the Yellowstone Season 3 finale attacks, and there’s not just one culprit.

Ready for Yellowstone Season 4 already? So are we. The wait for the best damn show on television has become agonizing. Thankfully, your fellow Outsiders are hard at work on the most entertaining of theories to keep us busy until it hits.

The latest comes courtesy of Yellowstone‘s thriving community on Reddit. Within, user dogsanddundermifflin is throwing out what he describes as “far fetched, but it is Yellowstone, and as much as I love this show, that might make this theory even more plausible.” Touche, Mr. dogsanddundermifflin. You’re off to a solid start!

And his theory is both solid and plausible, too. But it’s not just one singular speculation. The Redditor has done his homework, and gathered a string of theories that just might explain how the Duttons all found themselves on the receiving end of assassination (attempts?) in the explosive Season 3 finale.

Yellowstone Theory: The Finale Massacre

Ready to hear the guy out? His theory stands in line with one of our own: that the Dutton’s suffered multiple attacks not from just one assailant, but multiple. See: ‘Yellowstone’ TV Theories: Could All Dutton Enemies Be Working Together to Take Down The Ranch?

Quickly, the Redditor gets to the point. “What if all 3 attacks (on John, Beth and Kaycee) are all at the hands/orders of different people?” our theorist questions. “And have essentially nothing to do with each other.”

How so? Up first is John Dutton, “The Patriarch”

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

For the patriarch, ‘mifflin’ believes Roarke Morris is to blame.

“I think Roarke set this up,” he starts off. “He found out that John had his two guys killed. He’s out for blood, before John can get his. They’re going head to head and John made it clear to him he’s not going to win this game, he doesn’t even know the rules.”

Fair. As much emphasis as the show has put on Morris’ relationship with Beth Dutton, it’s John who truly stands in his way. For our part, Outsider’s money is on the deeply-personal vendetta Jamie has on his father. Turns out theorist ‘mifflin’ doesn’t see it this way, however.

“Yes, I thought it was Jaime at first too, with the whole “kill the king to take the empire”, but that seems to obvious. Jamie is still taking his time trying to figure out what and how to do this.”

Taking his time, sure. But how much “time” has passed between the Season 3 finale and Season 4 – we don’t know. Is Roarke Morris willing to fight fire with fire and take down the Dutton daddy before his own adopted son has the chance?

Next Up: Beth, The Dutton Daughter

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

As for the Dutton daughter, our money is on not Morris himself, but his company: Market Equities. Theorist ‘mifflin’, however, pulls a wildcard.

“I think Willa is involved somehow,” he states. “Yes, a little extreme but Beth is attempting to ruin her career – people have killed for less.” True – as Yellowstone so expertly shows us. “She also mentions it feels like an oil deal in Yemen, and said that’s how it needs to be treated, which seemed ominous.” Also true.

“Something bad happened in Yemen… And they want to repeat it in Yellowstone,” he concludes. Interesting.

Lastly, Enter Kayce Dutton: Yellowstone’s Prodigal Son

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When it comes to Kayce, the prodigal son of Yellowstone Ranch, Outsider’s money is on Thomas Rainwater and the figureheads of Broken Rock Reservation. Through his wife, Monica Dutton, the indigenous peoples of Yellowstone have a path to reclaiming their lands. But not with Kayce in the way.

For ‘mifflin’s part, though, he thinks someone far closer to home is to blame…

“I think Jaime hired someone…” he drops in a bombshell. “But not to kill him. To hurt him or scare him off. Knowing that Monica will not want to live like this and will make Kayce get them out of there,” he continues. An interesting, and plausible, theory. Right up until you consider how absolutely ruthless the onslaught against Kayce was. We’re still waiting to know if he escaped with his life (he did… he had to). A lesser man without Kayce’s Navy SEAL training would’ve been consumed by the relentless gunfire. But perhaps brother Jamie knows this?

“I think Jaime does loves Kaycee, especially out of everyone in his family, but at the same time Jamie intends on ruining this family and taking the ranch, and doesn’t want Kaycee to get caught up,” the theorist adds. “He wants Kaycee to take his wife and kid and leave.”

An intriguing point – and one that would serve all parties. After fighting with himself to return in the first place, would Kayce be so quick to leave Yellowstone again? The only thing that could ever make him would be the safety of Monica and their precious son, Tate. So time will absolutely tell if this aspect of ‘mifflin’s theory holds true.

“I could be way way off, I probably am lol, but those are just some thoughts I had,” ‘mifflin’ concludes. “What do you guys think?”

Well, what do we guys and gals think? It’s a lot to chew on, but that’s what we love about Yellowstone. Thankfully, our wait for answers is almost over, too. Yellowstone Season 4 is set to premiere this year – expected for a Summer 2021 release.

Until then, stick with your fellow fans at Outsider.com for all the latest from our favorite show.

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