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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Is a Season 4 Trailer Coming During the 2021 ACM Awards?

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

When you’re as desperate as the Yellowstone fanbase for info on Season 4, there’s no such thing as grasping at straws.

It’s been far too long of a wait with far too little info on the season itself. While not just one, but two different spin-offs have been announced in recent months, very little has come out about Season 4.

The first question is: what gives? The hype for the program has never been bigger than it’s been since the end of Season 3. The second, and more important question is: When might we get some details?

Well, based on the official Yellowstone Twitter account’s recent activity, it could be this weekend. It’s definitely nothing super concrete, but the account retweeted the tweet below from CBS.

The tweet, innocuously enough, is a video preview for the upcoming ACM Awards. Anyone that follows Outsider knows it’s going to be a major night, and an event that will be covered heavily by your friends here.

The caption reads: “Don’t miss the 56th ACM Awards® LIVE Sunday, April 18 at 8/7c on CBS. [Heart emoji] this Tweet to receive a reminder to watch! #ACMAwards

Not exactly a ton there for Yellowstone fans, but it’s the retweet that really counts here. While it’s fun to immediately get one’s mind racing about what went down, it seems like there’s two approaches to this.

The Case for a Yellowstone Trailer

Pull up a chair and let me tell you a story. Okay, not really a story but let me pitch you a narrative to be optimistic about.

Firstly, all signs have pointed towards Season 4 coming out sometime this summer. With pretty much no previews, trailers or info released by the show itself, a trailer HAS to be coming at some point. The ACM Awards is a damn good time to unveil a new trailer.

Plus, it’s not a random retweet. ViacomCBS, which owns CBS and Paramount, is the metaphorical father in this scenario, and his kids, Yellowstone and CBS interact, but aren’t exactly close. With the ACM Awards airing on CBS on Sunday, why else would Yellowstone retweet it other than to get the word out and ensure there are eyeballs on their trailer?

These aren’t overt clues or evidence to a trailer coming out, but it makes a lot of sense when connecting the dots.

The Case Against a Trailer at the ACM Awards

Alright, time to be a “debbie downer.” While there is a considerable reason to think that the trailer will come out on Sunday evening, we have to be measured in the way we approach this.

Which is why it’s important to realize that social media accounts are ran by employees and move in lockstep with what their supervising parties think is best. So while a retweet of the ACM Awards tweet does seem like a really solid hint, it can also just be as simple as promotion.

With 130,000+ followers on Twitter and a fervid fanbase, anything they tweet or do from the Yellowstone account will get attention. So, this could just be Yellowstone helping amp the reach on CBS tweet in an effort to get more people to watch the ACM Awards.

Somewhat deflating to think about, but a very realistic possibility.

Either way, Outsider will be paying very close attention on Sunday and will have full coverage of both the awards and any possible trailer. We’ve got our fingers crossed.