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‘Yellowstone’ TV: The Surprising Connection Between the Show’s Cowboy Hats and Aaron Rodgers

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Everybody wants to be a cowboy. Even NFL star Aaron Rodgers. But how is the Green Bay Packers quarterback’s new cowboy hat connected to Yellowstone?

People don’t just love Yellowstone for the gritty acting, thrilling storyline, and breathtaking scenery. Fans are also drooling over the cast’s western wear. In fact, fans love the show’s clothing so much that people are even recreating some of the characters’ signature looks. Even NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers is getting in on the western wear trend.

Greeley Hat Works recently shared a photo on their Instagram page of a new hat they designed for Aaron Rodgers. Along with a photo of Aaron wearing the hat, they wrote, “The #HATitude® is strong with this one.”

But how is the hat connected to Yellowstone?

⁠Aaron Rodgers Gets His Hats From The Same Guy Who Designs Cowboy Hats For Yellowstone

Aaron Rodgers isn’t the only celebrity wearing a hat designed by Trent Johnson of Greeley Hat Works. In fact, the entire star-studded Yellowstone cast wears his custom-made hats. The show’s creator Taylor Sheridan met Johnson long before Yellowstone was even an idea in Sheridan’s mind. Sheridan ordered a custom hat and the two quickly became friends. 15 years later, Sheridan was working on his film, Wind River, when he called Johnson and asked if he could design hats for the cast. Johnson nailed the job so when Yellowstone came around, Sheridan knew exactly who to hire for the job. During an interview, Johnson shared what it was like to work on set.

“I started going through all the boots and hats and I was like, “no … no … no … yes … no,'” said Johnson. “They were like, ‘why are you throwing that other stuff?’ and I told them, I’m in the West, this is my business, Taylor asked me out here, and Taylor would not let anybody in the movie wear those square boots with the big gold metal ring on the side, that’s not cowboy.”

Johnson also revealed that he has special designs for Yellowstone‘s John Dutton. Can you guess how many cowboy hats it takes for Kevin Costner to become John Dutton? A lot, that’s how many.

“For John Dutton, I ended up making five different looks, five different hats, and for each look, there were multiple hats,” said Johnson. “For his silver belly hat, I made him three and his stunt double one. So for every person, I built multiple hats for the trick is to distress them, they need to look authentic.”