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‘Yellowstone’ TV: ‘Teeter’ Actress Jen Landon Asks Fans What her Character’s ‘Love Language Is’

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Spoiler Alert: It’s not options A, B, C, D, or E. Get ready to dissect the love language of Yellowstone‘s Teeter with the one and only Jen Landon.

It goes without saying for fans, but some of Yellowstone‘s funniest – and most insane – scenes revolve around Jen Landon’s Teeter. Courtesy of her perfectly-wild portrayal, Landon’s Teeter has become one of the show’s most iconic ranch hands.

Whether she’s telling Colby exactly what she’s thinking or skinny dipping in the river, there’s never a dull moment when Teeter’s on screen. This is especially true when these two – i.e. “The unexpected relationship that we can’t live without” – are together.

Teeter & Colby are an absolute highlight of Season 3, and Jen Landon seems to be in on it. Posting to her Instagram stories Friday, she’s asking fans and followers to get in on it, too.

“What do you think Teeter’s love language is?” she posts. And there’s options, too! Landon asks if it’s:

  • “A.) Acts of Service
  • B.) Quality time
  • C.) Words of affirmation
  • D.) Physical touch
  • E.) Receiving gifts
  • or F.) Doing crazy shit

Can we get a “no sh*t” for “crazy sh*t?” Watch below as Landon and Richards walk Yellowstone fans through their characters’ relationship – and all the evidence you’ll ever need for the answer obviously being F. Brace yourself, too, because if you’ve never heard Jen Landon speak out of character, well, you’re in for a shock:

‘Yellowstone’s Landon & Richards Dissect Teeter & Colby

“Teeter is a character you just can’t prepare for,” Denim Richards begins their priceless montage.

Landon immediately affirms this. “There’s a lot of guys in that bunkhouse, and I knew immediately she was going to be obsessed with Colby,” she smiles, Teeter’s thick accent completely absent.

“She thinks he’s the most attractive guy she’s ever seen,” Landon continues of her character’s attraction to Colby. “But also… Teeter gets off on the chase.” Therrre it is.

“[Colby] has all sorts of rules she thinks would be pretty fun to chip away at,” she smirks. Skinny dipping, anyone?

While these two have had anything but a typical friendship (if you could even call it that), fans are certain that their long-awaited kiss seals a relationship between straight-edged Colby and rough-riding Teeter. There’s just one problem, however. Denim Richards doesn’t think so. At all. So what does he think could keep these two potential lovebirds apart? Well, that’s a story for another article, my friends. And one we’ve covered in-depth right here on Outsider.com.

Color us highly intrigued to see where these two end up in Yellowstone Season 4.