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‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Happened to the Duttons ‘Missing Helicopter’?


Fans of popular Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” are eagerly awaiting the upcoming fourth season of the show.

The wait is expected to come to an end this summer, with a likely season four release some time around June. While that is still several months away, “Yellowstone” fans take comfort in knowing their favorite show grows closer each day. To tide themselves over, several of the show’s faithful are taking to online message boards and social media to talk about the show.

Fans of the series love to speculate on how season four will play out moving forward. Many of them use past references and hidden clues in previous seasons to predict what is in store for their favorite characters. While the are some wild “Yellowstone” theories out there, some of the speculation is entirely possible.

In addition to speculation, some fans take to message boards and social media to ask questions about the show. In its first three seasons, “Yellowstone” has definitely raised its fair share of questions without answers just yet.

Online Message Boards are Full of ‘Yellowstone’ Theories

One interesting question regarding the show recently popped up on online community site Reddit. A poster on the site asks a question many of us are pondering and that is “what happened to the Dutton family helicopter?”

The helicopter was featured prominently in the first season and some in the second season. Then it just sort of vanished from the Yellowstone Ranch without a mention. The question has led to a few interesting theories.

Reddit user da_skeeter belives the Duttons could have sold the helicopter to help out through financial hardship.

“I imagine that if they really are strapped for cash to pay property tax that would be the first thing he sells,” the poster says. “A pilot and a helicopter are a luxury.”

The Duttons are indeed a little strapped for cash as the ranch makes very little in the way of profit. Though he was offered $500 million for his land by Market Equity, John Dutton looks like he will go down swinging to keep his property. Could the helicopter have been sold in an effort to recoup financial loss? It is an interesting theory to say the least.

Theories Abound Regarding ‘Missing’ Helicopter

Another Reddit user suggests the Duttons don’t actually own a helicopter, but instead rent one as needed. If this theory is true, the Duttons must have one heck of a bill to pay for renting the vehicle. It’s a plausible theory for sure, but there isn’t much evidence to support it. Especially considering it’d be pretty outlandish to have your ranch logo painted onto a rental.

Yet another Reddit user believes the helicopter was simply written off the show due to the cost of having one on set. Helicopters certainly are not cheap and there is no telling how much show producers paid for the flying scenes. Could the helicopter have been taken out of the show in an effort to cut cost on production?

This user also theorizes that the helicopter was implemented to establish the Dutton Families’ social status. Obviously, if you own your helicopter — you’re doing pretty well for yourself.

The Reddit poster, altiuscitiusfortius, says the helicopter has done it’s job to demonstrate just how powerful the Duttons are. The poster also cites another heavily popular series as an example.

“Its done its job,” the poster explains. “But it makes filming expensive so they don’t like to use it. Like how game of thrones stopped showing direwolves after a few seasons.”

So, what do you think happened to the Duttons’ helicopter? Will it reemerge in the fourth season? If not, will the show explain just what happened to it?

With the wait for the new season growing ever closer, we won’t have to wait much longer for answer.