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‘Yellowstone’ TV: What Kelly Reilly Thinks Would Be ‘Worst Thing’ for Beth Dutton

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We are just two episodes deep into a new season of “Yellowstone” but it already feels like a lot has happened on the Dutton Ranch.

Perhaps it was Beth Dutton who got the worst of the third season finale attacks. She is standing mere feet from a bomb as it explodes inside of her office. She emerges from the building alive but she is hurt and the gruesome scars on her back remind us of what she went through. The psychological effects are also likely to remain with Beth for the foreseeable future. In a recent interview with Beth Dutton actress Kelly Reilly, she reveals that her character will indeed continue to feel the pains from the attacks.

“I think she was terrified that her father was going to die, honestly, but she can’t show him that,” said Reilly. “I think the worst thing that could happen to Beth is to either lose him or Rip, so I think she needed [her father] to know. She’s very generous with people she loves. I think her telling him that infuses him with some strength. I think that’s what she’s trying to give him in that moment.”

Last week we learned the fate of the Dutton family after the horrendous attack that closed out the third season. All three Dutton family members have (seemingly) survived the attempts on their lives and are moving forward. Fans wonder what lingering psychological effects we can expect as the fourth season of “Yellowstone” moves forward. Near-death experiences tend to leave a mark on the people they happen to and that could very well be part of the Dutton storyline for this season. It would be a surprise to no one of the third season attacks still weigh heavy in the fourth season.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Has Surprises In Store For Duttons

The first rule of being a “Yellowstone” watcher is to expect the unexpected and that has rung true already this season.

Though they are trying to hide it, the Dutton family is clearly still reeling from the earlier attacks. They are physically and emotionally hurt and confused as to who could have done this to them. The family has no shortage of enemies with the motivation to take them out. Figuring out who is definitely behind those attacks will be a focal point for the rest of the season.

As for Beth, she appears to be coping quite nicely with her father and brother seemingly surviving the ordeal. She’s also got the closest thing she may ever have to a son in the recently orphaned Carter. It will be interesting to follow Beth’s transition in the fourth season of “Yellowstone.”

If you’re ready for another helping of the modern western goodness that is “Yellowstone,” you won’t have to wait much longer. The third episode of season four is just a few hours away.