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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Why Lee Dutton Actor Dave Annable Says ‘Cowboy Camp’ for the Show ‘Rocked’

(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

If you are one of the millions that watch the hit series “Yellowstone,” you may assume that the actors on the show have been cowboys their whole lives. You would be wrong.

“Yellowstone” thrives to be one of the most authentic shows on television. Great detail is put into every aspect of the show from the set design to saddles that go on the horses. The goal for this attention to detail is authenticity and a glimpse into the western cowboy culture. No, the show’s lead actors are not actual cowboys but they do show well on “Yellowstone” Ranch scenes.

Who’s ever heard of a cowboy who doesn’t ride a horse? That would be nearly unthinkable. How else would they get around the ranch and herd their cattle into place? In order to act like a cowboy on TV, the “Yellowstone” cast had to get a piece of western life.

“Yellowstone” creator Taylor Sheridan took the mission to heart and came up with “cowboy school” for the cast. The goal of cowboy school is exactly what you think it is — teach everyday people how to be a cowboy. Ok, so it is a little more complicated than that but watching “Yellowstone” shows just how well it turns out.

Lee Dutton, the oldest son of Yellowstone Ranch owner John Dutton, was not long for the “Yellowstone” world. Portrayed by actor Dave Annable, Lee meets his end relatively early in the series. But Annable got to participate in “cowboy school” and gives his thoughts on the experience in a 2018 interview with JoBlo.com.

“It is brilliant to be a part of this and be a cowboy and go to cowboy camp — I mean it rocked!” he says. “It was awesome and amazing. We got to go three or four days in the mountains on horseback. Taylor (Sheridan) really promotes authenticity. I couldn’t be further from being a cowboy. So, getting out there and learning how to ride on a horse — it was really just a great life experience.”

Annabelle isn’t the only member of the “Yellowstone” cast to rave about the experience of cowboy school. Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) and Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton) have also spoken about how much they enjoyed the adventure. Both actors say the experience gave them tremendous confidence when the time came to act as cowboys on screen. The activity certainly appears to have worked as the cast all appear to be naturals atop a speeding horse. Now, they aren’t likely to land jobs as full-time cowboys anytime soon — but they can definitely portray one on television.

“Yellowstone” fans are anxiously awaiting the return of their favorite show in the near future. The show is expected to premiere its fourth season later this year in the fall.