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‘Yellowstone’ TV: Will Beth Dutton Adopt a Child in Season 4? Casting Announcement Gives a Clue

(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

The most recent Yellowstone Season 4 casting announcement reveals that Beth Dutton may finally be getting a chance at motherhood.

After a long year of approximately zero Season 4 news, the flood gates opened as July 2021 began. Paramount Network released a fantastic “recap trailer” that also served as a teaser for Season 4, giving fans our first glimpse at footage for the new season. Then, Deadline hit with a shocker of a casting announcement, revealing that this next season’s filming is far from over.

Perhaps the biggest shock within said shocker, however, is a revelation that the major trade simply glosses over. And it has everything to do with a long-standing Beth Dutton theory.

In Deadline ‘s announcement, the trade cites: “Finn Little (Those Who Wish Me Dead), who’ll play Carter, a youth reminiscent of a young Rip (Cole Hauser) whom the Duttons gave a home. Here, Beth decides the ranch is the best place to teach the youth how to be a man.”

This is no mere footnote. If this holds up all the way through production, then Beth is finally getting her shot at a form of motherhood – something Yellowstone has shown us is integral to her past, present, and now possibly her future. Which is exactly why this is such an exciting prospect for fans of the show.

‘Yellowstone’: Why is Beth Taking in a Child So Important?

Joining Kelly Reilly as Beth will be Finn Little – a familiar name to Taylor Sheridan fans as the young actor is hot off Sheridan’s Angelina Jolie-starring thriller, Those Who Wish Me Dead. Deadline states that his Carter character will be “reminiscent of a young Rip,” before noting the troublesome teen is to be taken under Beth’s wing, which is sure to excite fans given her backstory. What’s more, Little has signed on as series regular, the trade cites, so he’s going to have a significant presence on Yellowstone moving forward.

So what gives? Why does this matter? Passionate Yellowstone fans will recall that one of the biggest shockers in the show’s history came at Beth’s expense. Not only did viewers find out why Beth loathes her brother Jamie (Wes Bentley) with a passion, but the Season 3 wildcard also confirmed for audiences that Beth would never be able to become pregnant herself.

Beth’s Tragic Backstory Comes to Light…

To make a long, painful story short: Beth and Rip Wheeler‘s teenage romance led to an unwanted pregnancy. Frightened and confused, Beth sought her older brother Jamie’s help – asking him to drive her to an abortion clinic. She wanted to go to the Broken Rock Reservation clinic where no one would recognize her. There, the abortion becomes a reality… And Beth is sterilized without her consent – a horrific piece of Native American history put directly into Yellowstone. Jamie, however, was privy to this information and withheld it from her.

As such, Beth Dutton loses her chance to ever carry a child. To make matters far more tragic, her romance with Rip (Cole Hauser) blossoms much later in life, with the two finally becoming engaged. Because of that single day, though, she will never be able to have a child with Rip.

But with this fascinating casting announcement for Season 4, it looks as if Beth may get her shot at motherhood after all.