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‘Yellowstone’ TV Wishes Colby Actor Denim Richards Happy Birthday With Epic Snap of Him at Dutton Ranch

(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

There are several emerging stars on the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” and one of them is celebrating a birthday today (Tuesday).

Denim Richards, who plays Yellowstone ranch hand Colby, is 33-years-old today. As Colby, Denim Richards really pops off the screen, giving his character plenty of appeal. Colby is one of many cowboys residing on the ranch, tasked with its upkeep. The cowboy spends his days tending to cattle, putting up fencing and doing other chores around the ranch. Like the other cowboys on the ranch, he resides in the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse when not at work. While he is a more than capable cowboy, Colby also appears as a fun-loving guy who likes clowning around with his bunkhouse mates. He seems especially close with fellow ranch hands Ryan and Jimmy. He is also very close with the newest ranch hand, Teeter, but we will dive into that a bit later.

On Tuesday, “Yellowstone” took to social media to wish Denim Richards a very happy birthday. Several fans also do the same, with some sharing their appreciation of his work on the show.

“Happy Birthday, Denim Richards!” the social media post from the show says. “Wishing you the best day!”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Praise Denim Richards’ Work

Several “Yellowstone” fans followed suit and also wished the young star a happy birthday. Many note that Colby is among their favorite characters on the hit modern western drama.

“Happy Birthday, Denim (a.k.a. Colby)!” a social media user writes in the comments. “Hope you stay with the show for a long time. Wouldn’t be the same without Colby in the bunkhouse!”

“Can’t wait to see you in season four,” another “Yellowstone” fan says. “Happy Birthday!”

While “Yellowstone” is Denim Richards’ most notable work to date, it is far from his only role. In addition to being an excellent actor, Richards is also a director. He also appears in the 2019 Freeform show “Good Trouble” and also MTV’s “Catfish.”

In addition to his on-screen roles, Richards is also a classically trained vocalist who has performed at Carnegie Hall. He is one of three adopted children in his family.

With a new season of “Yellowstone” around the corner, fans want to see more of Denim Richards and Colby. More specifically, they want to see where Colby and Teeter’s new relationship takes them in season four. An unlikely romance, Colby and Teeter are the new “it” couple on “Yellowstone.”

Now, fans are hoping to see Colby and Teeter continue their romance into the upcoming new season and beyond?

Will that happen? well, this is “Yellowstone” we are talking about here — meaning anything can happen. But you would have some real bummed-out fans if this relationship doesn’t pan out. You can be the show’s writers are fully aware of that.