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‘Yellowstone’: Why Walker, Jamie, and Rip Should’ve Easily Been Arrested for Sarah Nguyen’s Murder


Back in “Yellowstone” Season 2, Walker and Rip helped Jamie cover up a murder. But one fan says they easily should’ve been jailed for that.

“Yellowstone” likes to take a lot of creative liberty when it comes to the number and manner of people killed on the show. Far too many characters get away with it with little to no consequences.

But one fan asked on the show’s Reddit page how many of these legal scenarios would actually fly in real life. They mostly wanted to know about the property plot lines from Seasons 2 and 3. But a fan who claims to be a lawyer chimed in with their hot takes on the murders.

“The most dubious legal thing to me is all the killing, mostly by Kayce and Rip, that never is examined,” the fan wrote. “That’s the biggest bunch of BS. Also that this extremely wealthy family in Montana basically runs law and politics in the state and people aren’t sniffing around for corruption charges when John Dutton is manifestly corrupt and could be jailed on numerous counts.”

They added, “And finally don’t get me started on the dumb reporter murder plot. That has so many holes. Starting with the fact that there is no autopsy, Walker’s prints were all over the car and he was out on probation so those prints would have shown up in a database, etc. So. Dumb. Jamie, Rip, and Walker would all be in prison [in real life] for that one.”

How Did Rip and Walker Cover Up Jamie’s Murder in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 2?

The “Yellowstone” fan isn’t wrong about the plot holes with the scene where Rip and Walker help Jamie out. If fans will remember, Jamie choked Sarah Nguyen, a reporter for the New York Times, to death. He went to Rip for help, who grabbed Walker to assist him.

Rip immediately started wearing gloves in the scene, but he handed Sarah’s keys to Walker, who took them barehanded. He also had Walker drive Sarah’s car a short distance, so Walker’s fingerprints are on Sarah’s keys and car.

In the next scene, we see Jamie wearing gloves too, handling Sarah’s body, which is strapped into her kayak with all the gear on. Rip knows he needs to keep contact limited, even telling Jamie, “I ain’t f******* touching that thing” when Jamie asks him for help. Rip does smash Sarah’s phone under his boot and tosses it in the river.

Later, Walker accuses Rip of making him an accessory to murder. Rip acknowledges that he wanted Walker’s prints all over that car. But that only feeds into the “Yellowstone” fan’s point about the reality of this situation. Police definitely would’ve swept the car for prints and found Walker’s. He would’ve been questioned and thrown Jamie and Rip under the bus.

Plus, wouldn’t a coroner see Sarah’s broken neck? Or bruises from Jamie’s fingers? Even if her body swelled up from the water in the river, signs still should’ve been there that she was killed. But “Yellowstone” never revisited that storyline, so it seems buried for now.