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‘Yellowstone’ Will Finally Be Available to Stream in the UK on PlutoTV: What to Know


Good news for “Yellowstone” fans in the UK — the popular Taylor Sheridan Western will finally be able to stream on PlutoTV.

According to Express, Viacom bought out the PlutoTV streaming service in 2019. With Paramount under the Viacom umbrella as well, it was only a matter of time before the corporation took advantage and used PlutoTV to put “Yellowstone” out there for international viewers. And the best part is, the first three seasons will be available to UK users with no subscription necessary.

PlutoTV is free for all users, instead gaining revenue through ads that run during the programs. You access it by going to PlutoTV’s website or app, so it does require an internet connection. But other than that, it operates more like cable than a streaming service.

So, like cable, you won’t be able to watch “Yellowstone” any time you want. Instead, you have to watch the guide and see when the episodes play in real-time. You can find “Yellowstone” on the “More TV Drama” channel on PlutoTV.

Per Express, you can first watch the series from start to finish this coming weekend. Season 1 drops at 3 p.m. EST on Friday, March 25. Then Season 2 airs on Saturday, March 26 at 3 p.m. EST. Finally, you can watch Season 3 on Sunday, March 27, also at 3 p.m. EST.

At this time, PlutoTV has not announced any plans to air “Yellowstone” Season 4 on the free streaming service.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 to Drop on Peacock in Five Days

While “Yellowstone” fans can watch the first three seasons on PlutoTV this Friday, they’ll also have access to Season 4 this Monday via Peacock.

Many fans are surprised when they hear that you can’t watch “Yellowstone” on Paramount Plus. But Paramount made a deal with Peacock way before Paramount Plus launched, so as of right now, it’s the only other streaming service to provide “Yellowstone” episodes at any time.

Peacock, unlike PlutoTV, has “Yellowstone” episodes available 24/7. For the past year or so, fans have been able to see Seasons 1, 2, and 3 with relative ease. And now, starting on Monday, March 28, they’ll also have access to Season 4.

Which is good news, considering Season 5 is right around the corner. Production for “Yellowstone” Season 5 begins in May, with a projected release date sometime late this summer or early this fall. Unlike previous seasons, Season 5 will boast 14 total episodes, split into two parts with seven episodes each. Previous seasons only had 10 episodes, shown consecutively.

At this time, we’re not sure if both parts will air this year. Paramount could easily stretch it out, especially while working on the sixth season. Either way, it’s always a good time to rewatch the first few “Yellowstone” seasons at your leisure.