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‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Just Described His Childhood Ranch and It’s the American Dream

(Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

When Cole Hauser came to Yellowstone it wasn’t his first time on a ranch. In fact, he grew up on a ranch many years ago. While talking about the upcoming season, and just the show in general, Hauser talked about growing up. The California native would eventually make his way to Oregon, and that’s where his ranch story begins.

When you see Hauser play Rip Wheeler, it just feels so natural. Rip is the rough and tough enforcer on the ranch. He rarely smiles and sometimes when he does, it doesn’t mean good news. Perhaps Hauser’s upbringing in Oregon is the reason why he’s taken to the character so well. He talked to The Hollywood Reporter along with other Dutton stars.

“You know, I was fortunate enough to be born in California and we moved up the road to Oregon and my mom had a 150-acre ranch when I was four years old, and I had a little pony named Cinnamon,” the actor said. “And he would take me around, and my mom would ring the bell. And he would bring me back to the house and he’d put his head down and I’d slide down his mane, and I’d go in for dinner. I just grew up that way for like seven years.”

Although Hauser would move around more and eventually stop messing around with horses as much, his passion remained. Throughout his life, he’d occasionally get a chance to ride again, and he’d take those chances. Then, he got the call to be in Yellowstone. Since then, he hasn’t had a shortage of equine time, that’s for sure.

This year, it’s going to be the year of Yellowstone. And it’s about time that folks started paying attention to the hype. Even if it’s four years too late.

‘Yellowstone’ Star ‘Rips’ Hollywood for Coming Around Late

During the same interview that featured stars Kelly Reilly and Kevin Costner as well, Hauser talked about the late reception the show has gotten. Yellowstone wasn’t given much awards attention until this year. So, that might be changing, but Hauser doesn’t want to let them off the hook.

“You’ve got to remember this,” Hauser said. “And I said this to you earlier. We started as a grassroots show. And that means you have a core audience that really follows you. Falls in love with you. They start talking. We’ve slowly made our way to the edges of this country, where now you guys are showing up. You know what I’m saying?”

It’s a little dig at the entertainment establishment. But, that doesn’t mean they won’t take it as better late than never. Yellowstone fans know what the show brings to the table. Now, it seems that everyone else is warming up to the situation as well.