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‘Yellowstone’s Luke Grimes on Cattle Gap Scene: ‘He Fixes the Problem’


Kayce Dutton is perhaps the most earnest of the Dutton clan. The “Yellowstone” character is always weighing the pros and cons of his decisions – and he’s always trying to do what’s right for his family. But when he’s pushed too far, Kayce will stand up for himself in a very Dutton way. And he’s not against using a little violence in the process.

One such scene is when his neighbors on the reservation complain that a man is using cattle guards to deter their crossing on “his land.” But this make it impossible for the farmer to push his herd where they need to go. Instead, he tells Kayce, he has to load the herd into large vehicles to move them – which is costly.

Kayce says that he will go talk to the man who installed the cattle guards, thinking it’ll be an easy conversation. But as with anything, it’s not as easy as it seems. The man is a “schmarmy, annoying rich guy” as Luke Grimes says. And he’s not willing to uninstall his cattle guards. Kayce really doesn’t have the time or patience to hear the guy out.

In speaking about the scene, Grimes goes on to say that Kayce “fixes the problem.” This includes taking the guy to the ground, tying him up and throwing him inside the cattle guard. There he says, “You like your cattle guards so much? You can live in it.” Following the bold move, Kayce drives away. It’s a bit harsh but you know what they say about messing with the bull.

Watch the full scene below:

“Kayce handles problems the Kayce Dutton way. #YellowstoneTV,” the official Yellowstone instagram page writes.

Kayce Dutton’s Growth on Season 4 of “Yellowstone”

While the other Duttons are playing cat and mouse with each other, most notably Jamie and Beth, Kayce is on more of a solo journey in season four of “Yellowstone.”

He and his family leave the Dutton ranch following Tate’s harrowing encounter with one of the men who was attacking his mom. He unleashes his shot gun into the guy – and the experience leaves him with some severe PTSD. Kayce decides his family could do with a little time away from the ranch and they pack up and head for the reservation.

This pleases Monica and soon they find themselves searching for a home of their own. As they repair their relationships and Tate makes progress, Monica has a special announcement of her own. She and Kayce are expecting a second child.

While the news makes Kayce excited, his own journey isn’t over yet. He embarks on a vision quest, utilizing Native American traditions and delving into the cultural practice. He sits alone for days and nights in the open. And while on this spiritual journey he faces all his demons. He sees himself in the military, on a snowy embankment as death and destruction are all around.

Kayce also sees his late brother Lee – and faces his own part in Lee’s death. But the most profound moment is when Kayce sees his wolf – the one he’s been seeing all season of “Yellowstone.’ The wolf takes human form and tells Kayce to follow. He does. And that’s when he sees two paths. One of which leads him away from Monica.

We’re left wondering what this means for the cowboy and his family. What will become of the pair after Kayce recovers from the intense experience? Only time will tell – and only creator Taylor Sheridan holds those answers.