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‘Walker’: Episode 5 Features Jared Padalecki Ripping Shirt Off, Fans Go Insane

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

There’s several reasons to watch the Walker, Texas Ranger reboot from The CW. The new Walker features action and justice, but it also features emotional developments and a deeper focus on the life behind the character.

Conveniently for some fans, it also features a whole lot of Jared Padalecki. The former Supernatural star has a huge and passionate fanbase from his time on the smash-hit CW show, and they’ve seemingly carried on with Walker.

In terms of pure insanity, the most titilating reaction of Episode 5, which aired on February 18, was when Walker took his shirt off.

On his way to meet an old flame that is also being pursued by the law for being an inside woman on bank robberies, Padalecki’s shirt first comes off.

Expectantly, the fans went absolute insane.

“I’m dead. Damn @jarpad I love you so unbelievably much! #walker@thecwwalker#WalkerFamily@ALundquist5 tweeted.

Another user highlights the combo of a shirtless Padalecki and his character’s military dog tags.

“HELP HES SO HOT +DOGTAGS #Walker #SendLoveToTexas

A fan account for the show @TheWalkerWiki, talks about the fervid response.

“Is anyone else watching their timeline explode into literal chaos in even minutes later, just from seeing a shirtless @jarpad? No? Just us? #Walker#SendLoveToTexas

Walker Doubles Down on Shirtless Jared Padalecki

However, that wasn’t all the service fans got. Shortly after a commercial break, Walker and Twyla Jean meet up in a hotel. Things immediately get spicy, and won’t you know, Padalecki loses his shirt.

One fan that clearly carried over from Supernatural says that Walker is providing those kind of scenes after the former show didn’t.

#Walker HOLY SH*T this is every thing we never got on spn,” @HennaJules tweeted.

After the one-two combo of Padalecki shirtless, another fan or several might need a casket.

“NO BUT LIKE WHOS STILL ALIVE CAUSE I AM NOT #walker #SendLoveToTexas@SofPalaciosC added.