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Watch: Blake Shelton Hilariously Tries Impressing Usher with His Dance Moves

Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Country musician Blake Shelton is dancing like nobody’s watching. Unfortunately for him, Usher was there, along with cameras, to critique his dance moves.

Shelton Asks Who’d Win Dance-off

“What do y’all think?” Shelton tweeted Monday, posting a video of their encounter. “Who’d win a dance off between me and @Usher? I’m thinking I can give him a run for his money… #TeamBlusher #VoiceKnockouts”

“Even though I think you’re a great artist, and you’re going to be a great mentor, I still say you’re one of the worst coaches we have ever had on this show,” Shelton told Usher.

“Know what?” Usher responded. “I was just saying the same thing about you.”

The pair like to trade barbs, but they can’t do it and keep a straight face.

“You gonna teach ’em how to dance, too?” Usher cracked. 

Shelton obligingly began swiveling his hips and popping his knee. Then he twirled around twice. 

“If we decided to put out an album, me and Blake – Blusher – get Blake to get in tights, bleach his hair, I mean, it could be dope,” Usher said.

Tweeps Weigh In

Shelton’s Twitter replies were mostly kind, if somewhat bemused.

“God bless you Blake,” tweeted Twitter user @RamonaTrw. “You don’t stand a chance…”

“Challenge him to line dancing and it’s all you man lol,” replied Twitter user Christian Colvin.

“Go for it Blake, I have faith in you,” tweeted Twitter user Linda Runge, alongside several laughing emojis.

This is not the first time that Shelton has joked around about his dance skills. This May, he shared that he’d been practicing his TikTok dance moves to compete with Nick Jonas, 27. 

And he recently told Kelly Clarkson that back in Oklahoma, he and his sisters once decided to take dance lessons from a visiting dance instructor. Shelton only made it to one class.