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WATCH: Joe Buck Loses on ‘Family Feud’ After Going Against His Entire Family

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for FOX)

Fox sportscaster Joe Buck learned an important lesson about listening to the women in his life during the Bucks’ time on “Celebrity Family Feud.”

Ironically, that’s similar to the question that cost them the game. Joe Buck appeared on the popular game show with his wife, sister, and two daughters. They competed against actor Oliver Hudson, who brought a group of friends with him.

In the last round, the Bucks had the chance to steal the game from the Hudsons. All they had to do was supply the last answer to this question: “Name a woman in your life who’s smarter than you.” Should be simple enough, right?

Wrong. The answers already up on the board included my bae (wife, girlfriend), my mom, and my sister. When host Steve Harvey turned to Buck and asked for his guess for the last answer, Buck answered, “We’re gonna go with best friend.”

Immediately, Joe Buck’s team members turned to each other with confused expressions. “What? That’s not what we were going for,” his wife Michelle said.

When the game show revealed Buck had the wrong answer, the Hudson family celebrated with whoops and hugs. Steve Harvey asked both teams, “Alright, what it is?”

“Boss,” Buck’s daughter Natalie immediately answers. She doesn’t hesitate. “It’s boss, we were gonna say boss.”

She points a finger at Joe Buck. “But he… mm mm,” Natalie closes her mouth and shakes her head.

“Oh, he went against you?” Harvey asks. Even he can tell that it’s never a good idea to go against the women in your life.

Joe Buck seems to be learning that lesson real quick. “Please don’t be up there,” he begs. “God, please don’t be up there.”

Can you guess what the last answer was?

Joe Buck Deals With Aftermath of ‘Family Feud’ Loss

Everyone explodes as soon as the final answer’s revealed. People are screaming and shouting, Joe Buck’s looking worriedly at his team members. The women hold their heads and pace back and forth.

“I’m so mad,” his daughter Natalie says.

“Oh Joe,” Oliver Hudson says. Steve Harvey repeats it with a wince. Everyone’s feeling bad for poor Joe Buck, who will never live this down at home.

Buck’s wife Michelle cuts in. “Steve, literally. We were in the huddle, and we had all agreed on boss.” Buck looks down at his podium with all the shame of a chastised schoolboy. Natalie says, “I’m in pain,” but we all know Joe’s the one who’s hurting.

Luckily for him, one of the women says off-camera, “We love you, Joe.” So, maybe all hope isn’t lost for the sportscaster. Just his pride.

You can see the fall-out for yourself in the video below.