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WATCH: Kelly Clarkson Chops Wood, Works on Roping Skills at Her Montana Ranch

(Photo by Mark Sagliocco/WireImage)

Kelly Clarkson is a true ray of sunshine as a human being. In a beautiful montage that spurned some true laughter, watch as The Voice coach shows off how “outdoorsy” she became during the early throws of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Why we’re just seeing this now is anyone’s guess, but oh, is it worth sharing. Proving herself the most… adaptable… of Outsiders, brilliant singer-songwriter and Voice coach Kelly Clarkson has been living life to the fullest on her Montana ranch. Or she gave it her best shot, at least, during the severe lockdowns of 2020.

At the time (as if we need remind anyone), most of the world was gripping to sanity at home. This created many problems, both large and small, for the entertainment industry. Live shows like The Voice felt the impact of COVID tenfold, too. With in-person taping, let alone get-togethers, impossible, the hit show sent each of their coaches & contestants “at home kits” to set up in-house production studios.

To help the gang still feel connected, The Voice host Carson Daly put together The Voice Happy Hours. Within, Kelly Clarkson and her fellow coaches would “bring their favorite beverage” and shoot the s*** whilst giving updates on their lives at home. And as prefaced, Clarkson won the whole bit.

Sure, Blake Shelton made us laugh as he always does by claiming he’d been doing lots of “manly” things: Smelling flowers, playing with his baby ducks, and showing up Nick Jonas with his own TikTok dances.

It was Kelly Clarkson, however, who stole the show while revealing how life on her Montana ranch was shaping up.

“I’ve become pretty outdoorsy!” the star lauds. Make no mistake, Clarkson does, in fact, own a glorious ranch in the state. But her self-shot footage for The Voice shows much more struggle than it does Outsider – and how fantastic Clarkson’s sense of humor is.

Kelly Clarkson Hysterically Tackles Ranching

Absolute A+ for effort, you wonderful human. Watch as Clarkson interacts with one of her horses, clearly showing a healthy respect for the large equine. And it only gets better as she attempts to rope a cattle dummy, then proceeds to “chop” (zero) logs.

Give the segment a spin for yourself below, and prepare to love Kelly Clarkson more than you already did:

Thank you for this, The Voice and Kelly Clarkson. What a gem.