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WATCH: Sadie Robertson Huff, Daughter Honey Get up to Vacation Activities in Cute Gallery

(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

“Lots of love right here!!!” Sadie Robertson Huff‘s “heart is full of gratitude” in this adorable gallery of vacation photos with newborn Honey James.

We say it often here at Outsider, but there are few cuter families – if any – than Sadie Robertson, Christian Huff, and their tiny daughter Honey James Huff. Sadie’s Sunday post comes in with more proof of this, too, as she shares photos from her latest vacation to her official Instagram.

“Lots of love right here!!! Heart is full of gratitude leaving this week getting to see family 💛!!!” Huff captions the gallery. Within, we see her, husband Christian, and friends enjoying a beautiful stay at a resort. Check out the images for yourself below, including the most adorable videos of tiny Honey James courtesy of Sadie Robertson Huff:

Could they be any cuter? Honey is certainly a scene-stealer, and gets more precious by the day. We know this because mom Sadie is generous with the updates, and very open with her adoring Instagram followers. She’s a true, living ray of sunshine – and all signs point to Honey James growing up to be the very same.

Sadie Robertson Huff

But wait, there’s more! All Outsiders know how often we cover this gorgeous family here on the site. The world needs more happiness these days (and every day forever after), and the Robertsons/Huffs are a true source of it. Indeed, it feels near-impossible for Sadie Robertson & husband Christian Huff to have an unhappy baby with how happy these two are together.

They’re proving it daily, with posts from Sadie Robertson reading like the following:


The newest member of the Duck Dynasty family, Honey James, is truly as sweet as her namesake. Or so we’re assuming, given the unbelievably precious daily updates. With these posts come glimpses of her marriage to Christian. And by all accounts, these two look like a match made by fate itself.

Recently, Sadie shared multiple videos of her husband being an absolute goofball in the best of ways, placing the above caption on the post. From putting on his wife’s Secret deodorant just before Honey’s birth… To making up dances to the sound of their baby girl’s heartbeat while wearing a “girl dad” t-shirt… Christian Huff seems made for Sadie Robertson.

Check out the clips for yourself right here, courtesy of Huff’s official Instagram. Come bask in the happiness that is this gorgeous family with us, won’t you? Why else would you be here reading this right now? You won’t regret it! We Outsiders never do, and wish all the happiness in the world to this beautiful family!