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What Are Joe Rogan’s Political Views?

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He is currently one of the most controversial podcast hosts out there, and now we are taking a look at Joe Rogan’s political views. 

Joe Rogan hit the spotlight earlier this year when critics came after him for his views on the COVID-19 vaccine. Some music artists have decided to remove their work from Spotify in response to the streaming service allowing the Joe Rogan Experience, which they believe spreads misinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccines for the virus.

The Political Views of Joe Rogan Explained

  • Joe Rogan’s Political Views in the Past: The podcast host was described as “Libertarian-Leaning” in 2020. He has shown support towards Bernie Sanders.
  • Joe Rogan on Republicans and Democrats: “I don’t give a F— if you’re a Republican or Democrat. I share ideas from both sides.”
  • Joe Rogan’s Right Views: He claims to be a big supporter of the military and the second amendment. 
  • Joe Rogan’s Left Views: He supports women’s rights.

According to the Sun, Joe Rogan opened up about his political beliefs and said that he shares beliefs from both Democrat and Republican parties. “I’m kind of a hybrid in a lot of ways. I don’t buy this idea that I have to be part of one part of another party.”

The podcast host also told CIA officer, Mike Baker, that he is a big supporter of the military and the second amendment. However, he remains “socially liberal.”

Joe Rogan Stated in the Past That He Has Been Liberal His Whole Life

In a 2020 interview with progressive political commentator, Jimmy Dore, Joe Rogan reveals that he has been liberal his whole life and is not right-wing at all. “I’ve never voted right-wing in my life. I voted Democrat, I voted Independent. I’m not right-wing at all.”

However, Joe Rogan admitted that there are a lot of right-wing family values that he does admire. “But when it gets to homophobia, when it gets to women’s rights, that’s where I break.”

Joe Rogan Recently Declared He Doesn’t Want to Bring Politicians on His Podcast Anymore

As previously reported, Joe Rogan announced he doesn’t want to bring politicians on his podcast anymore. He previously welcomed 11 politicians on the show. The only high-profile politician to be featured, however, is Bernie Sanders. 

Speaking about why he decided to not bring politicians on the show, Joe Rogan stated, “I’m very apolitical. When it comes to the future and political candidates, I don’t want to have that kind of influence. I want to be someone who can watch and observe. I don’t wanna be someone who’s actually affecting this.”

Joe Rogan also explained that when it comes to political views, he has decided to remain very apolitical at this time. “What I’m actually interested in is talking to people. I’m not nearly as interested in affecting things. Unfortunately, because there are so many f—ing people paying attention, I’m doing it the same way I’ve always done it. But now there are more people paying attention.”

Joe Rogan goes on to declare, “The idea that one person can have that much influence is disturbing to a lot of folks who would like these giant corporations, which are controlled by the pharmaceutical companies and whoever the f— else is paying their advertising, to decide what can and can’t be talked about and not said or not discussed. And what’s misinformation and what’s real information.”