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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Maggie Sajak Is Fired Up for the New Season and New Set

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It’s time to rejoice for all of you Wheel of Fortune fans out there. Season 39 of the longtime game show will make its debut on Monday, September 13.

And this new season is set to be a doozy folks. Wheel of Fortune is going to be implementing a ton of new changes and tweaks to the show. However, thankfully none of those changes involved the host and co-host. As a matter of fact, both Pat Sajak and Vanna White have had their contracts extended until at least 2024.

As for the daughter of Pat Sajak, Maggie Sajak is most definitely a familiar face to Wheel of Fortune fans. She even had a short stint on the show back in 2019. Vanna White had to fill in for Pat Sajak as the main host after he had to sit out for medical reasons. And it was Maggie, who was 24 years old at the time, who filled in as the co-hostess and letter girl for White.

Another Sajak Is Joining the Crew

And on that note, one of the new changes to the popular show actually involves Maggie Sajak. She will be joining the Wheel of Fortune crew on a more permanent basis, serving as the show’s social media correspondent. She had somewhat been doing that unofficially for a while, but the network decided it was time to make her official in that role.

As a result, we will see more of Maggie Sajak as she manages content for the Wheel of Fortune YouTube page and social media profiles. She will also be putting together behind-the-scenes interviews and other fun videos. Speaking of which, remember that one time she posted a hilarious conversation about her father’s dressing room on her Instagram story? Get ready for more great content like that. And, of course, we will be following along with it all right here on Outsider.

“We’re BACK and on a BRAND-NEW set. An all-new season of Wheel begins TONIGHT!” the Wheel of Fortune Twitter account wrote.

Sajak retweeted it adding in her own caption.

“New season. New set. Let’s go. @WheelofFortune”

A New Look for the Show

If you couldn’t already tell from the Wheel of Fortune tweet above, there is no doubt that the game show will have a new look in Season 39. Not only is there a new set, but there will be a few new changes as well. One of those is that Sajak will no longer be in charge of the “Final Spin” of the game.

“If you think about it, by doing the ‘final spin’ I, as host, had an impact on the outcome of the game and that has always bothered me because it just didn’t feel right,” Sajak said of the change. “With this change, only the contestants determine the outcome of the game and the host does not impose themself in any way.”