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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Reveals ‘Vanna’s Dress Madness’ Is Returning

Photo credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for AHA

Forget March Madness. “Wheel of Fortune” is teasing Vanna’s Dress Madness instead. The show is bringing back the annual fashion face-off.

The event sees fans vote on the various dresses Vanna White wore this season of the show. Viewers vote on which “Wheel of Fortune” look was their favorite. On Twitter, the show’s official page teased that the voting event will be coming up on March 15. It makes a certain amount of sense, “Wheel of Fortune” previously held the event in March of 2020.

Many dresses will enter. But only one dress will win the viewers’ love and support as the top “Wheel of Fortune” dress for the year.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Vanna White Has Never Wore the Same Dress Twice

If you were to sort through all of “Wheel of Fortune” hostess Vanna White’s dresses, that might take some time. Because she has quite a number of outfits. Since 1982, White has burned through a dress an episode with no signs of slowing down yet. In fact, in an interview with TV Insider, White revealed she never wears the same dress twice when on the show.

It’s part of the production of the show that White is always wearing a new outfit for each episode. “Wheel of Fortune” shows off a number of stylish and elegant dresses. The fact that they’re always different seems impossible but true. Unfortunately, White said she doesn’t get to keep any of the outfits.

“Well the way that happens is the designers send the clothes to the studio, I wear them. And they go back,” she said. “They don’t go to my closet. They go back to the designer.”

As for what is her own favorite dress? A distinct outfit sticks out in White’s mind that reminded her of one of the Barbie dolls she played with as a child.

“There’s one that I distinctly remember,” she said. “It’s white and it has pink feathers on the bottom … I don’t know why that particular dress spoke to me. I think it reminded me of a Barbie dress I had when I was 10 years old.”

Fans will get to decide their own favorite dress of the season. Tune in on March 15 as “Wheel of Fortune” kicks off its Vanna’s Dress Madness.