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‘Wicked Tuna’ Captain Jimmie Horning Hopes to Escape Dad’s Shadow Out on Open Seas

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Wicked Tuna’s Jimmie Horning is determined to make a name for himself as a bluefin fisherman on the wild Atlantic Ocean. And he wants his competition to know that even though his dad taught him everything he knows, he’s ready to step out from his shadow.

And in the most recent Wicked Tuna promo on Twitter, Jimmie made his intentions clear.

“It can be cold in the shade of someone’s shadow, but Jimmie Horning has used his father’s legacy as incentive to make a name for himself,” wrote the official page. “A new episode of #WickedTuna: Outer Banks airs tonight at 9/8c on National Geographic.

In the clip, the 22-year-old captain acknowledged that Hornings Sr. has always overshadowed him. And the “older guys” all know his dad. So they have a hard time taking Jimmie seriously.

“I think a lot of these guys just see me as a kid that wants to be,” he added. “And I’m gonna them I’m the kid that can be.”

Captain Jimmie Horning Demands Respect on Wicked Tuna

Jimmie Horning is the youngest captain on National Geographic’s, Wicked Tuna. Being the new kid and following in his dad’s footsteps can make his job challenging. How can the other guys look at Jimmie like an authority when they watched him grow up?

So when the dangerous ocean throws obstacles his way, Horning can’t back down. And on a recent episode of Wicked Tuna, Jimmie stayed resilient when giant waves stood between his ship and a school of bluefin.

On Thursday, the official page shared a clip of the sea captain with his eyes on the prize.

In the video, we see Jimmie unfazed as he cruises through choppy waters and dense fog. In fact, he seems happy to be tested.

“As one of the younger captains in the fleet, Jimmie Horning of the Hog Wild has made it a personal mission to prove himself to people he’s looked up to and learned from all his life,” wrote Wicked Tuna.

“I’ve got to get out here to show these guys that I’ve got what it takes to be the best boat in the fleet,” he said. He’s currently in a tie for last place with The little Shell. But that’s clearly not bringing him down.