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Wolf Van Halen Believes Rock ‘Is on Its Way Back’

Photo by: Scott Legato/Getty Images

For true rock and rollers, rock is not going anywhere anytime soon.

New and old groups, such as the rookie band Mammoth WVH, are on the rise and continue to make rock a genre worth listening to. Mammoth WVH is the solo-band project from Wolf Van Halen, the son of the late guitar icon Eddie Van Halen.

Wolf Van Halen released the self-titled debut album for his band back in June. Since then, a lot has happened for the talented musician. His first song released was “Distance,” which was a tribute to his father. The music video features old home videos of his family. This song is now nominated for Best Rock Song at the 2022 Grammys.

In addition, Wolf Van Halen got to open for Guns N’ Roses during their most recent tour. Now, Van Halen is pairing up with Dirty Honey for a new tour starting this week. Both of these groups are proving just how popular rock is. Both self-titled albums hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Airplay Chart. Also, both ranked high on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart as well.

During an interview with USA Today, Van Halen discussed what it’s like to be a mainstream rock band at the moment. For the Mammoth WVH singer, this is not something he spends time dwelling on.

“I know there are a lot of people putting that responsibility on our shoulders. But the important thing is not to focus on that. With both of us, this is the kind of music we enjoy making and it comes from the heart. It’s just what we do and if people happen to dig it, so be it. I think guitar-oriented music has been on the decline, but I think it’s on its way back,” Wolf Van Halen said.

Wolf Van Halen is responsible for one of the most popular rock albums of 2021. He was able to release 14 energetic and catchy hard rock tunes in the wake of his father’s death.

For Van Halen, this past year has been full of some of the most amazing ups, but plenty of downs to go with those moments.

“Yeah, it’s been pretty crazy. I’ve been viewing it as this phoenix rising out of the ashes of garbage and some of the worst times of my life in many different respects. Just the state of the world and losing pop and trying to, like, emotionally navigate life in a totally new way. But yeah, a lot of exciting and amazing things have happened,” he said during an interview with Spin.

As for new music, Wolf Van Halen admits writing has been a little hard. He said he felt most inspired after his Grammy nomination to really kick his writing back into gear.