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Wolf Van Halen Calls Out Rock Critics Ahead of Show

Photo by: Scott Legato/Getty Images

Wolf Van Halen is currently on tour and he’s not messing around.

He is touring with his band Mammoth WVH and fellow co-headliner Dirty Honey. For Mammoth WVH, this tour is a massive milestone for several reasons. For starters, it’s Wolf Van Halen’s first time having Mammoth WVH as a headline act.

He was the opener for the Guns N’ Roses tour and also played bass for Van Halen, however, this is his first time truly in the spotlight. Also, it’s an opportunity for him to play his new collection of songs from the band’s debut album.

As he tours the country, Mammoth WVH is rocking out like they have something to prove.

Now, Dirty Honey and Mammoth WVH are gearing up for a Fantasy Springs Resort Casino performance on March 5. According to an interview with Desert Sun, they’re going into it with their own little motto — proving to those saying rock is dead are in fact actually “little baby men who are wrong.”

Wolf Van Halen is also urging people to come see them perform before they grow even more popular. “I never imagined playing in a baseball stadium, especially for the first tour I ever took a part in. It was an insane experience, but I think more than anything, my favorite memories will always be playing in Van Halen with my father and uncle,” he said during the interview.

Wolf Van Halen Success on Tour so Far

Mammoth WVH and Dirty Honey started their tour off in Denver, Colorado.

He kicked it off with some pretty fun surprises for his fans that came to see him. In addition to playing a ton of songs from his debut album, Van Halen decided to debut a previously unreleased song as well. It’s called “I Don’t Know At All.”

Fan-shot footage captured this song performed for the first time.

There have been some less-than-pleasant surprises too. During his stop in Salt Lake City, Utah, Wolf Van Halen struggled with some technical issues. He was covering the song “Them Bones” by Alice In Chains when his guitar strap broke away from the bottom of his guitar.

Like a total pro, Wolf just balanced the guitar on his leg and continued to play away. This happened right as an epic guitar solo was approaching as well. Luckily, a technician was able to jump in and fix it all up for him.

This tour is really capturing Mammoth WVH at the very beginning of its success. The new band just got nominated for a Grammy for the song “Distance,” which also happens to be devoted to his late father Eddie Van Halen.

People are putting some pressure on the rocker to help bring rock music back into mainstream appreciation. It’s not something Wolf Van Halen is spending time sweating over.

“I know there are a lot of people putting that responsibility on our shoulders. But the important thing is not to focus on that. With both of us, this is the kind of music we enjoy making and it comes from the heart. It’s just what we do and if people happen to dig it, so be it. I think guitar-oriented music has been on the decline, but I think it’s on its way back,” he said to USA Today.