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Wolf Van Halen Denies Rumors Late Father Had Unreleased Songs

Photo by: Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Once again, we can rely on Wolf Van Halen to shut down rumors and tell the haters off.

The Mammoth WVH artist is incredibly active on Twitter. This is where he decides to interact with his devoted fans and the people who seem to be constantly criticizing him. Wolf Van Halen has had to balance his new career as a solo artist as well as the legacy of his father, Eddie Van Halen, on his shoulders.

Wolf released his debut album in June last year. As of now, he’s going to start touring with Dirty Honey in the future. Not to mention, he’s a Grammy-nominated artist.

Before all that, Wolf Van Halen was a bass player for Van Halen alongside his father. This means he was very familiar with the band’s songs. He recently chatted with Jeremy White about rumors that there was an unrecorded version of a song Eddie Van Halen never released.

The band’s last record was “A Different Kind of Truth.” Now, Wolf is telling the only truth.

“Oh, Van Halen fans love this… I think he whipped it out to test it for a song or two and then it was like ‘Eh, I’m past that…’ His taste obviously changed throughout time. I remember he brought it for one day. But no, there’s not… We’re not hiding some mix. We’re not hiding 20 extra songs. Like, what you got was it. Except for one song we never even finished, so…” Wolf Van Halen said.

Apparently, fans were under the impression that Eddie Van Halen recorded a version using his vintage Marshalls and the 5150 IIIs. This was very much an older part of his father’s sound that he had left behind years before. Eddie Van Halen was always chasing a new sound.

He also spoke during the interview about how Eddie Van Halen’s tone changed. Wolf Van Halen recalled when “Pearl Jam” rockers Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready came to a show and spoke about his sound.

“I’ll never forget when Eddie Vedder and Mike McCready came to a show. And Mike was like, you know, I, you know, that first album was so important to me. And dad was like, ‘Ah, the guitar sounded like shit.’ And you could see him, like, break. Dad’s taste just changed over the years. And he was always a tone chaser,” Wolf Van Halen said.

As of now, Wolf Van Halen is making a stark division between his past and his present. He respects and adores his father’s legacy and impact. At the same time, he is adamant about paving his own path and having his own ever-changing sound. I guess he had that in common with his late father.

This is probably why he gets so upset when fans constantly request for him to perform Van Halen songs live instead of the Mammoth WVH tunes he has worked so hard on.

“Y’all are never gonna fuc*** stop are ya? … I honor my dad by existing and doing what I do every day. I’m not fuc*** playing ‘Panama’ for you guys,” he once said in an online discussion with a fan.