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Wolf Van Halen Won’t Let Even a Broken Guitar Strap Stop Him

Photo by: Scott Legato/Getty Images

For Wolf Van Halen, the past year or so has been full of massive highs, but some pretty dramatic lows as well. Despite all of it, Van Halen has continued to make this the year that his new Mammoth WVH band gets the proper attention.

Wolf Van Halen just set out on his Young Guns tour alongside fellow co-headliner Dirty Honey. The first show was in Denver, Colorado and then the two bands set out for Salt Lake City, Utah.

Seeing as it’s still the beginning of this U.S. tour, both bands seem to be ironing out some technical issues.

During Mammoth WVH’s cover of “Them Bones” by Alice In Chains, Wolf Van Halen’s guitar strap broke away from the bottom of his guitar. This major issue occurred during the second chorus of the song right before Van Halen’s epic guitar solo.

Despite the issue, Wolf still strummed his heart away, barely missing a beat. It doesn’t even look like this issue impacted his performance at all. He took it all in stride like a true professional with years of onstage performances under his belt. Before he was the leader of Mammoth WVH, Wolf Van Halen was the bassist for Van Halen. Eddie Van Halen, his father, was the guitarist.

You can watch this little slip up through a fan-recorded video. He uses his body to support the guitar instead and a technician comes out to re-attach the strap. Then, it’s like nothing happened. Apparently, his guitar strap failed him twice during this set. He discussed the issue on Instagram writing, “2 shows in! Shows have been killer (barring my guitar strap falling off twice mid song last night).”

The Young Guns tour goes on all the way through April.

This tour has been full of surprises, both for Wolf Van Halen and for fans. Mammoth WVH debuted a brand new previously unreleased song called “I Don’t Know At All” during their stop in Denver. This fun surprise happened near the mid-section of the set. The rest of the songs comprised of music from the self-titled debut album from last year.

Fan-shot footage also captured this new song performed live.

Wolf Van Halen Talks Popularity of Rock

Since embarking on his journey with Mammoth WVH, Wolf Van Halen has already reached countless milestones. For starters, he was nominated for his first Grammy for Best Rock Song for the song “Distance.” Also, he’s been on two tours so far. The first was as an opener for Guns N’ Roses.

It’s all proof that rock is as popular as ever. During an interview with USA Today, Van Halen discussed his perception of being one of the mainstream rock bands helping carry the genre.

“I know there are a lot of people putting that responsibility on our shoulders. But the important thing is not to focus on that. With both of us, this is the kind of music we enjoy making and it comes from the heart. It’s just what we do and if people happen to dig it, so be it. I think guitar-oriented music has been on the decline, but I think it’s on its way back,” he said.