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‘Yellowstone’ Celebrates Tate Dutton Actor Brecken Merrill’s Birthday


Where would we be without Tate Dutton? Brecken Merrill who plays the young Dutton on Yellowstone is turning 14 today. The actor’s birthday comes as the production for Season 5 is underway. If he’s there at the ranch in Montana, I’m sure that the bunkhouse is going to be partying tonight.

The young actor found his role on Yellowstone turned into more opportunities lately. But with Season 5 hype getting louder by the minute, we’re sure we’ll see young Tate on the ranch soon. For now, I’m sure Merrill is going to celebrate as any 14-year-old would.

Check out the post below and see the message that Yellowstone sent their teen star.

As you can tell, Merrill has a great sense of fashion. In fact, he was one of the early adopters of the Outsider shop shirt. So, if you want to look as good as him, you gotta check that out in the shop.

A new season means new stories and perhaps the return of some old stories. There is no telling what we might see in Season 5. We know that Beth Dutton is going to be essential, we will be seeing Kelly Reilly a lot. And, we can probably assume that there will be gunfights and other intense drama.

When Will ‘Yellowstone’ Go Back to the Bones?

Now, Outsiders, I think that to celebrate a little bit ourselves for Brecken’s birthday, we should look ahead to something that fans have been talking about since the show began… the dinosaur bones. Can’t we all agree it is time for the show to come back to this plot point?

It’s been four years at this point since the first season debuted and since then, we haven’t heard anything about the major discovery that Tate made way back when. Now that he’s a teenager and keeps getting older, is there any chance we can see the bones come back into play?

This is one of the only plot holes that Yellowstone has yet to close up. The only cop-out I can think of is that John Dutton insisted on ignoring the bones to keep people away from his land. I mean, everything in Yellowstone ultimately comes down to the land, doesn’t it?

Season 5 is going to be a thrill ride. But, it would be great to see Tate get some fun storylines. Perhaps he and Carter will get into some trouble together. Or develop a rivalry of some kind? There’s no telling what we are going to see except for the larger details, at this point.

However, with more time on set, more production completed, and we get closer to the release date, we will get some hints and teasers. When you think about the fifth season of a show like Yellowstone, you have to imagine it will be one of the best yet. That’s hard to top, but Taylor Sheridan can do just about anything.