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Jay Cutler: My Outsider Story


Football was always a place of community for me. Ignoring the noise. Putting your head down and getting to work. Leading a team. 

Outsider is a representation of all the things that drew me to my past career in the NFL. It embodies teamwork and dedication; celebrating team victories and strategizing new game plans after setbacks. 

For me, Outsider is a natural extension of my lifestyle. It is raising a glass with close friends. It is throwing the football with my sons. It is the still silence of a morning hunt. It is the smell of lingering cigar smoke. 

This is not just a career change or a hobby, this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. This is an opportunity to tap into my creativity and build something special. I truly believe this brand has the ability to impact so many people in a positive way. 

Outsider is a natural extension of my everyday lifestyle.

Outsider is the things I do and love. I can’t wait to share that with everyone. 

Uncut with Jay Cutler

Uncut with Jay Cutler by PodcastOne is a show featuring friends, fellow athletes, and experts talking about their lives and current events. Former guests of the show include Mark Cuban, Danica Patrick, Mike Rowe, and Eric Trump. Since its launch in August 2021, the podcast has amassed over 570 thousand downloads and over 300 thousand Youtube views. The podcast by PodcastOne is hosted by Jay in the Outsider Studios.