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It Doesn’t Get More American Than Pepsi’s New Cracker Jack Soda for the MLB Playoffs

(Photo Illustration by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

It doesn’t get more American than baseball and apple pie, does it? Apparently, it does. As the MLB playoff season approaches, Pepsi has teamed up with the All-American snack, Cracker Jacks, to create the most patriotic of sodas. On Thursday, Pepsi announced its recent partnership with the iconic caramel corn snack brand to bring Outsiders what they’ve deemed the “first-ever Cracker Jack flavored soda.”

Pepsi has released a lot of interesting and surprising flavors. Although the new Cracker Jack flavor won’t actually be available for retail distribution. Instead, Pepsi has determined to release a minimal 2,000 cans of the Cracker Jack flavored drink. Lucky for you curious Outsiders, we have all the instructions you’ll need to try and get your hands on one.

Unfortunately for some of us tone-deaf individuals, the requirements include a little bit of sing-along. However, you already know the lyrics–you just got to belt it out for the company themselves.

The soda brand‘s announcement came via Instagram and you can read further instructions below. All you need to do is share a brief clip of yourself singing the iconic ballad, “Take Me Out to The Ballgame.”

Be sure to accompany it with the required hashtags and follow Pepsi on social media. Then you just might have yourself a limited edition can of the Cracker Jack flavored soda.

Pepsi Takes On American Values

It appears Pepsi tends to take a keen interest in the consumption values of Americans. This year, the brand has put a new spin on a historic baseball snack. However, it’s not the only creative endeavor Pepsi has taken on.

Last year saw the iconic brand release limited edition two-liter bottles of what they called Pepsi Apple Pie. Around the same time last year, Pepsi unveiled an iconic American treat combining two Outsider fan-favorites–Pepsi and Apple Pie.

Of the endeavor, Pepsi VP of Marketing Todd Kaplan said, “With Pepsi Apple Pie, we’re providing a refreshingly delicious twist on the traditional slice of apple pie.”

Indeed the interesting product gave Outsiders a unique beverage to experience during one of the most unique times in our country’s history. From the seasonal product, the brand created a challenge that encouraged bakers across the nation to submit their baking fails. The challenge and flavor emerged during a time in the pandemic when families were still social distancing from their at-risk family members.

In relation to the challenging holiday season, the Marketing VP added, “[We’re] making sure people have some fun and don’t take themselves too seriously” during their baking efforts.

So, while Apple Pie became Pepsi’s highlight during last year’s early holiday season, we’re even more pumped for Pepsi-Cracker Jack and what this season’s MLB playoffs have in store.