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Bass Pro Shops Pledges $2 Million to Build Homes for Wounded Veterans

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Bass Pro Shops recently pledged two million dollars to the Helping A Hero initiative. Known for being the industry leader for hunting and fishing, Bass Pro Shops has been consistently demonstrating its philanthropic endeavors. Previously, they’ve donated 40,000 rods and reels to children across the United States.

Bass Pro Shops’ Johnny Morris has committed to covering 25% of the costs for the Helping A Hero initiative. This particular organization helps to build “specially adapted residences” for wounded military veterans. Overall, this totals the aforementioned 2 million dollars.

Morris made the announcement in his home state of Missouri where Bass Pro Shops headquarters is also located. “We can never do enough to thank these families and all of our veterans who defend our freedoms,” he stated. He also commended US military soldiers and vets for allowing American citizens the freedom to create such well-known companies dedicated to outdoor recreation. “We’re coming up on our 50th anniversary at Bass Pro Shops, and it wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for those who have defended our freedoms and those who support conservation.”

A Public Thank-You to United States Veterans

During Morris’s announcement, he also shared that his company would directly present a new home to Marine sergeant Joe Bartel. Bartel is an amputee from Charlotte, North Carolina. Additionally, the founder shared that Bass Pro Shops would also be covering the cost of Missouri native Daniel Barnes’ mortgage. Barnes is an Army Staff Sergeant.

Morris stated on behalf of both himself and his company that they were humbled to be hosting two of America’s own soldiers at the philanthropic announcement. He further praised Lee Greenwood’s patriotic anthem, “God Bless the USA,” stating that every word of the song hits home for him.

Initially, Morris and Bass Pro Shops had planned on supporting the construction of ten new homes for military veterans and Helping A Hero. This was in May, however, but with this announcement, the founder took his dedication to US vets even further.

What Exactly Does Helping A Hero Do?

As mentioned briefly before, the Helping A Hero initiative assists in building specially crafted homes for maimed and wounded US veterans. Since their start, they’ve awarded 100 homes to veterans across the US in 23 different states. With the help of Morris and Bass Pro Shops, that number is looking to expand even more very soon.

Military veterans are able to apply for Helping A Hero’s assistance on the organization’s website. Some injuries and disabilities the organization has catered to are extreme. These vets have endured amputations, are in need of 24/7 care, sustained severe burns, brain injuries, and complete blindness. Obviously, these are only a few repercussions our vets suffer when they return home. The Helping A Hero initiative helps them to cope and readjust.

Those interested in learning more about the initiative, donating, or looking to apply can check out the above hyperlink.