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Busch Beer Takes a Bold Stance, Promises Never To Join the Seltzer Trend

(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

There’s nothing wrong with liking hard seltzer. However, Busch Beer wants fans to know that they aren’t going to be making one anytime soon.

For those hot days when something bubbly and subtly sweet hits the spot, hard seltzers and lemonades are a great fit. But not everyone is excited about the craze. Many true-blue beer drinkers just prefer a long neck after an even longer day to cool off and settle down. That first crack of the top, the slow rise of the foam–opening a bottle alone can be intoxicating. We’re eyeing the cooler just thinking about it.

Last Friday, as a part of International Beer Day, Busch Beer made a binding promise to stick to what they know best–brewing, not distilling. On Instagram, the company posted a photo that read, “Say No to Busch Seltzer… By commenting on this petition, I, Busch Drinker, officially affirm my stance that Busch Beer shall never make a seltzer of any kind. For it is called Busch Beer. And it shall only and always be a beer.”

Busch Beer Urges 50k People to Sign Seltzer Petition

Some people might be disappointed with Busch Beer’s stance since their favorite beer brand refuses to make its own line of bubbly drinks. But then again, it’s not like they have a small selection to choose from. Seriously, where eclectic and experimental IPA’s once filled the coolers, now every liquor and beer company under the sun has their own line of hard seltzers. It would be one thing if they all had individual tastes to takes on the new liquor trend, but they seem to all adopt the same citrus and tropical fruity flavors.

That’s why Busch Beer decided they’re not only refusing to get on the bandwagon, but they’re burning it down.

According to the company’s Instagram post, if it gets at least 50,000 fans to comment with their names as a stance against seltzer, “we’ll promise to NEVER make a seltzer.”

And while some Busch-heads appreciate the brand’s bold statement, others are skeptical.

As some followers pointed out in the comments, Anheuser-Busch owns a slew of major beer brands, including Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra and more. Unlike Busch Beer, many of these bands joined the seltzer trend. So, some fans found their most recent post a bit contradictory.

However, while the company is a part of the same family of brands, there is one factor that sets Busch Beer apart from the others. It’s actually asking its fans for input on its products. Unlike others that have filled the stores with more of the same product already crowding the shelves, the company asked drinkers to voice their opinions in the comments.

With how the response looks now, it’s pretty clear the only new products from Busch Beer will be just that–beer.