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Jim Beam Now Offering a Subscription That Will Deliver Whiskey to Your Home

(Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

You read that correctly. Jim Beam, a household name for its affordable and easy-drinking bourbon, is offering an exclusive subscription service for the true whiskey aficionados out there.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re going to ship large quantities of White Label well whiskey to your door. While this is Beam’s bread and butter, the service they’re calling Barreled & Boxed looks to up the ante.

“Two centuries ago, Jacob Beam shared his bourbon by floating barrels of it down the river. Today, we’re doing things a little differently. We’re delivering quality whiskey right to your front door. From the best of small batch to the never before bottled, each box brings bourbons worth sitting with. And worth sharing with friends, family and neighbors,” the Jim Beam website states.

Per their site, the service is going to be highly exclusive. They are only accepting 500 subscribers (initially), and the service will only be available to those living in Kentucky and Washington D.C.

We’re all jealous of the Kentuckians who have the opportunity to participate. But it’s only fair. After all, Kentucky is the bourbon capital of the world. It’s home to countless distilleries, including Jim Beam itself. Plus, the whole idea behind Barreled & Boxed is to get rare offerings and limited releases into the hands of those who are going to appreciate it most.

What can Jim Beam Barreled & Boxed Subscribers Expect from the Service?

All of that being said, the lucky few who make the cut can already look forward to some specific bottles. The Jim Beam website says that the service will ship a box with two bottles every three months. That’s a total of four shipments per year, meaning eight bottles of hard-to-find whiskey.

The first box rings in at $270 and is set to include a bottle of Little Book Chapter 1: The Easy (Limited Rebottling) and a bottle of Little Book Chapter 5: The Invitation.

The shipment is slated for the Fall season and promises to update subscribers once the package is on the way. The specific bottles aren’t yet listed for the Winter box, but it promises to be $210.

Membership includes other perks, including opportunities to tour the distillery and invitations to special events.

Famed Distillery Marks Major Milestone

A few days ago, Jim Beam celebrated a major milestone. The company has now produced over 17 million barrels of its liquid gold since the days of Prohibition.

It’s quite an achievement. The governor of Kentucky himself acknowledged the accomplishment.

“Kentucky is bourbon’s birthplace. And it remains an important part of our heritage and economy, providing more than 20,000 quality jobs in the commonwealth. Jim Beam’s 17th million bourbon barrel shows that our spirits industry continues to grow at an incredible rate,” Governor Andy Beshear said.