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Study Reveals How Many Beers it Takes to Get People Buzzed In Each State

(Photo by Peter Kneffel/picture alliance via Getty Images)

The weekend is only hours away. Today, many people are counting the minutes until that quitting time whistle blows so they can go let off a week’s worth of steam. Many Americans will choose to unwind with a few brews (pickles optional) as the sun goes down on their workweek. Some will opt to have a few drinks at home while others will go down to their local bar to get some atmosphere with their Friday evening suds. A recent study shows how many beers the average drinker will need to feel a buzz in each state.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how your drinking stacks up against your state’s average or how well your state can hold their booze compared to the rest of the nation. This study will let you know. Upgraded Points surveyed 2,000 Americans to see how many beers it took them to feel slightly intoxicated.

Obviously, your mileage will vary. If you hardly ever drink, your tolerance is lower. On the other hand, if you like to have a few every night after work, you’re probably going to have to drink a few more than the average person in your state.

With that being said, let’s get into the results.

How Many Beers Do the Hardest Drinking States Need?

Upgraded Points listed the top-10 hardest drinking states in a handy infographic. You might be surprised by how many beers it takes some states to catch a buzz. However, no one will be shocked by the state with the highest alcohol tolerance.

Texas comes in at the top of the list. How many beers does the average Texan need to start feeling good? 5.17 beers, according to the study. That means your average Texan can slay a sixer after work and still walk away from it just fine.

Texas is followed by Virginia, New York, Arizona, South Carolina, Alaska, West Virginia, Maryland, Florida, and Wisconsin in the top ten. However, the measure of how many beers it takes each state to get tipsy doesn’t vary that much. Wisconsin, at the bottom of the top 10 still takes 4.07 beers to feel a buzz.

Lightweight States

We all have that friend who falls apart after a couple of drinks. The bottom of the list is full of states where they wouldn’t be shamed for their low tolerance. We’d still know, though.

Oregon and Colorado are at the very bottom of the list. However, those two states are known for having a stronger option for relaxation. Apparently, when the jazz cabbage makes them thirsty, they don’t reach for a cold bottle of suds.

So, how many beers does it take America’s lightweights to get a buzz? Oregon comes in dead last at 1.92 beers. That Texan’s six-pack would wreck an Oregon resident. Colorado comes in at 2.11 beers.

For a full breakdown as well as the methodology of the study, head over to the Upgraded Points report.