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This Toyota ‘Tacozilla’ Pickup Camper Is Like a ’70s Mini Monster Truck

(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Japan-based multinational automobile manufacturer Toyota is reportedly creating a new off-road camper. If that doesn’t intrigue you, the name of the vehicle will… It is Tacozilla. 

According to Fox News, Toyota’s motorsports tech center in Texas is now building an updated version of the pickup camper. It is going to collaborate with the 1970s Chinook RV company. The vehicle will be presented at the SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas this November. 

Toyota’s “Tacozilla’s” compartment will be large enough to fit a six-foot two-inch person to stand in. The company’s production team predicted that the vehicle will have a bed over the cable, as well as a table, kitchenette, and toilet. Toyota Director of Operations, Marty Schwerter reveals that the “Tacozilla” is going to be a beast. 

“You’ve heard of tiny houses. This will probably be more like a micro house,” the Toyota employee said. “We’ve had some rendering drawn. We’re starting to work on some of the engineering drawings and what it’s going to take and how many people we can actually fit into it.”

Schwerter also goes on to add that some of the biggest challenges for the Toyota “Tacozilla” will be just shrinking everything. 

Toyota Is Now Investing $3.4 Billion in Automotive Batteries in the U.S. Through 2030; Establishes Toyota Motor North America

Toyota also announced on Monday (October 18th) it is planning to invest approximately $3.4 billion in automotive batteries in the U.S. throughout 2030. The automobile manufacturer revealed that the investment is for developing and localizing automotive battery production. This includes this for battery electric vehicles. The investment is also part of the global total of $13.5 billion investment.

Along with the battery investment, Toyota Motor North America will establish a new company. As a result, the newly established company will team up with Toyota Tsusho to build an automotive battery plant in the U.S. The project, which is aiming to start production in 2025. This will include an investment of $1.29 billion. Most importantly, the investment will include funds that are being used to develop land as well as build facilities. Toyota will create 1,750 new American jobs as a result. 

Ted Ogawa, Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Motor North America, also states that the company’s commitment to electrification is about achieving long-term sustainability for the environment, along with American jobs, and consumers.

The company reported that it has sold more than 18.7 million electrified vehicles. This includes over 4.5 million in the U.S. While electrified vehicles already account for nearly 25 percent of Toyota’s U.S. sales volume. The company notes that the number is expected to rise to nearly 70 percent by 2030.

Toyota also adds it is continuing to steadily expand its lineup of electrified vehicles. This includes hybrid (HEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV), fuel cell (FCEV), and also battery electric vehicles (BEV), from 55 models today to about 70 models by 2025. In conclusion, of the 70 models, 15 will be BEVs. This will include seven Toyota bZ (Beyond Zero) models.