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Two Men Take Workout to Extreme Opposite Huge Grizzly Bear

(Photo by: Avalon/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

As someone who likes his workouts to be as intense as possible, I’m always up for hearing about new exercises and regimens. However, a viral video has me reconsidering my stance on the subject. The video in question features a grizzly bear opposite two men in the wilderness doing their own workout in plain view of it.

Twitter user Platini954 first shared the video a few days ago on the social media platform. In the video, we see one man hanging from a tree branch doing leg lifts while his workout partner ducks and hits him in the abs. That in and of itself is something since it’s clearly cold outside and the two are shirtless. However, what really makes the video bizarre is the fact the bear seems to be joining them in their routine.

It’s tough to tell what exactly the bear is doing. Was it inspired and decided to do some pushups with a branch in the background? Was it shaking the whole tree to try and assist the two, providing extra resistance and strain? Your guess is as good as mine.

As of now, the video is at 28.9 million views and Twitter users are clearly impressed. Many are linking their own videos of extreme workouts as responses. One person made an interesting point, stating “this is a bear tenderizing his meat before grilling his dinner.”

Regardless of intent, it looks like both parties got a good workout in, and that’s all that matters.

Mark Wahlberg Details His Crazy Mid-Night Workout Regimen

While not as out there as the grizzly bear workout already mentioned, actor Mark Wahlberg has an intense regimen himself. Recently talking about a normal day for him, saying he is disciplined is an understatement.

Speaking to Fox News, he provided a window into his daily routine and it’s one that begins quite early. “ Tomorrow I’m getting up 2:30, in the gym 3:30, finish about 5:30, go to work 7:30,” Wahlberg told the new outlet. He also disclosed he makes time for “a lot of prayer” between these activities. Once work kicks in, he does a lot of “reading, script work, then I’ve got a bunch of interviews.”

But what about his meals? They say muscle is made in the kitchen, not in the gym, after all. According to him, when he eats hinges on the night before. “Then I’m finishing work. I probably won’t eat a meal until – last meal today [was] 6, so tomorrow probably noontime.”

After a long day of working, working out, and being there for his family, Wahlberg said he typically turns in for the night around 7:30 p.m.

As someone who used to get up at 3:00 a.m. to work out, I can confirm it does feel great, but going to sleep at 7:30 is a bit too much, even for me.