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WATCH: Perfectly Load Beer Cooler for Your Next BBQ With Viral Hack

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Have you ever walked up to a cooler and desperately dug around for the very last brew of your dreams as you watch ice hit the grass and you feel your ice-digging hand go dumb?

Well, luckily there’s still some summer left to experience that. Whether it’s for a BBQ, a day at the beach, or for some tailgating, a cooler is a must for so many hot and social events.

Viral Hack for Packing a Beer Cooler

Now, the internet has given us yet another hack to save the day and to keep your hand from going numb while digging for a beer.

The first step in the hack is selecting which boxes of beer or hard seltzers or anything else you want to have in the cooler. Next, you open each box on one side. Then you have to carefully flip the box upside down while using your hand to keep the drinks from falling out.

Place this upside-down box of booze in the cooler, or anything you have that resembles a cooler. All other boxes need the same treatment and should be spaced apart in the cooler.

Then grab your ice and fill up the cooler around the boxes. The next step is going to be the most satisfying, hence why it’s gone viral. You then get to pull the box out of the ice, leaving the beer sitting in perfect rows. Now, the cooler is perfectly organized making it easier to grab the beer you were wanting. It’ll all be fun and organized until that one friend goes back to their old ways and starts to frantically dig in the cooler.

People in the comment section seemed far more focused on the beers the person in the video used rather than the hack itself. Comments ranged from “If those were my beer preferences, I wouldn’t show my face in the video either” to “Is the trick that you have a cooler full of the worst beer available?”

One person did comment on the effectiveness of the hack. Since the beers are packed in tight, one user was skeptical if they’d get quite as cold. “How to keep your drinks huddled together so they don’t get cold from the ice,” they wrote.

Other TikTok Hacks

If TikTok has given us anything, it’s some pretty outright useful and unexpected life hacks.

From how to properly eat a chicken wing to properly reheating pizza to secretly making your music louder on your phone to being able to open a beer with another beer.

There’s another hack circulating that’s perfect for a hot BBQ. After packing the cooler full of 12-packs, it’s important to have some food wherever you’re going. In this hack, Shannon McNitt on TikTok showed the best way to keep fruits, vegetables, or any other food coming along on the trip cold. The first step is taking a disposable baking pan and filling it one-third full with water. Then, freeze it.


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Once it’s frozen you place your other tray full of food onto the frozen tray. The result is food that will stay perfectly chilled and is easy to pack and transport.

According to Insider, Ben Chapman, a professor and food safety extension specialist, gave this life hack the green light. He said it is the same as placing food or drinks into a bucket of ice. However, this trick will depend on the day ahead. If you have a really hot day on your hands, this hack will be effective for about four hours.