‘1883’: How Was Claire Related To the Dutton Family?

When it comes to the Dutton family tree, things can be a bit confusing. Thankfully, we now have a solid answer on who Claire is related to in 1883.

Now, Claire has been reported as the sister of Margaret Dutton and James. So, not everyone has had a clear picture of the direct blood relationship. Now, thanks to TVLine, we do have a clear answer. Fans sent questions to the writers there and they got results. Careful, there are spoilers ahead if you aren’t caught up.

Bernadette asked, “Could you please find out who 1883′s Claire was related to? Depending on what article I read or their Wiki and IMDB page, I get differing information. One says she was Margaret Dutton’s sister, another says she was James Dutton’s sister…”

So, what is it?

“I asked the show to double-secret clarify,” TVLine’s response says. “And Claire (played by Dawn Olivieri) was James Dutton’s widowed sister. She ended her own life in the second episode, after her daughter was tragically killed.”

So, there you have it. Claire is a Dutton by blood and the younger sister of James. Her husband died before the start of the 1883 journey. However, she did carry her daughter along with her. A teenager about the age of Elsa Dutton, Mary Abel. Like mother, like daughter, Claire and Mary Abel were both very…puritanical. Hard-nosed, as well as rude to Margaret and Elsa.

What Happened to Claire and Mary Abel in ‘1883’?

Now, when fans saw that this was a Yellowstone prequel, they knew what to expect… death and lots of it. Especially given the context and setting of the show. 1883 is going to have some violence and blood throughout.

It was in episode 2, Behind Us, A Cliff. The wagon train had just started their journey from Fort Worth. Of course, bandits are going to be looking for convoys moving along the plains. James was away and unable to help when trouble struck. When all of the action had subsided, Mary Abel was dead, along with about a dozen immigrants in the group being killed.

Arguably, it all started when Claire threw rocks at the bandits. From there, a gunfight broke out. Already, Claire has dealt with awful tragedy and heartache in her life. Perhaps that is why she is so reserved and closed off. However, the death of her daughter, the seventh of her children to die, was too much to handle. She took her own life with a shot to the head. Shea and James dig a grave for her next to her daughter.

1883 continues this week with the fourth episode of the season on Paramount Plus. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this riveting story.