‘1883’: Tim McGraw Praises Young Audie Rick in ‘Emotional’ Episode 3 Scene

The 1883 cast was packed full of amazing talent from Tim McGraw to Lamonica Garrett, but not to be overlooked is young Audie Rick who played John Dutton Sr.

While Audie Rick didn’t have the most prominent role in the series, he still was an incredibly important part of the storyline. Those moments when we saw the young boy’s personality come out gave us the innocence and lighthearted humor we needed to get through those heavier scenes. That’s why he’s still one of our favorite 1883 characters and one of the cast’s favorite co-workers.

This is especially true for McGraw, who had the chance to work closely with the young actor. Not surprisingly, the 1883 cast behind the Duttons became extremely close through filming, and Tim McGraw seems to have a soft spot for Audie Rick.

The scene where James Dutton takes little John hunting for the first time was “pretty moving” to Tim Mcgraw. Because he has three daughters at home, he never had the chance to experience taking his own son hunting, so the scene had especially significant meaning to the actor.

Watch the clip below.


‘1883’ Star Tim McGraw Shares Touching Moment with Audie Rick

During that moment in Episode 3, John sat in front of James on horseback while they searched for any flickering whitetails in the woods and meadows. Once they found one, they crept down to the ground and sat shoulder to shoulder. James put the deer in his sight and had his young son pull the trigger while he held the gun. Sure enough, they took down the deer together.

After field-dressing the deer, the 1883 father “blooded” his son by smearing some of the animal’s blood on his cheeks, a ritual some hunters still do today for their first kill. For Tim McGraw, the scene truly felt like he was able to experience all of those important firsts that he had yet to share with a young boy in the family.

While the scene didn’t have quite the same significance to Audie Rick, he still felt that the scene with Tim McGraw was just as special. In the clip, Rick shared that his favorite scene so far was one where he was hunting with his dad in Episode 3.

McGraw Also Developed a Close Bond with Isabel May

Of course, Tim McGraw became just as close to Isabel May as he did Audie Rick. In fact, the 1883 actor has even come to consider the actress as one of his daughters. In between filming, May even hung out with the McGraws pretty often.

“We had karaoke nights,” McGraw shared. “My daughters were there a lot, who are all around Isabel’s age, so they spent a lot of time with her as well. Then she was over at our house hanging out, spending time with them. So we just really all got to know each other very closely.”

So when he and his wife, Faith Hill read the scripts for the final two episodes, it’s not surprising that they were so emotional.

“When we got the final two, we literally couldn’t read them to each other because we were crying so much — I mean, ugly, boohoo crying,” said McGraw.