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Adult Movie Star Aubrey Gold and Boyfriend Charged With Murder

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Former adult film star, Aubrey Gold, real name Lauren Wambles, is facing murder and accessory charges along with two other men. Law enforcement in Florida accused them in the death of a 51-year-old man.

The Holmes County Sheriff’s Office arrested and charged Wambles, 23, her boyfriend, William Shane Parker, 35, and Jeremie Odell Peters, 43, with the death of Raul Ambriz Guillen, according to Daily Mail.

Between 2015 and 2018, Wambles appeared in 31 adult movies under the name Aubrey Gold. She reportedly stopped filming adult films two years ago, WTVY reports.

Guillen’s daughter, Rosa Ambriz, reported him missing around July 4. Ambriz spoke out about the situation in early august with the Dothan Eagle. “My father called my mother, his ex-wife, the day before he went missing and told my mother he was with people he believed to be dangerous, and he needed to get out of the situation,” Ambriz said.

She continued by adding: “He asked my mother for money, but she had just moved, and her mind was focused on other things at the time. She just told my father he needed to get out of the situation he might be in for his safety.”

Authorities Discover Evidence Against Aubrey Gold, Her Boyfriend, and Peters

Guillen was last seen at his Peters’ home in Graceville, Florida. Investigators searched Peters’ home in addition to another house. They discovered evidence of homicide at both locations. Thereafter, police cadaver dogs located a shallow grave in northeastern Holmes County.

The police found a body at the site, later identifying the victim as Guillen. Investigators believe that Parker shot Guillen at Peters’ home.

John Tate, the Holmes County Sheriff, calls the situation a “a very complex case.” Addressing the possible motive, Tate says “it’s all about drugs and money.”

He continued by saying that the authorities originally classified the case under missing persons. However, after several weeks, Tate says new information revealed a murder occurred with the body “buried in our county.”

Authorities charged Wambles with being a principle to murder. She previously had a drug possession charge with a November trial date.

As for Parker, authorities charged him with an open count of murder. Lastly, the authorities charged Peters with abuse of a corpse, and being an accessory after the fact.

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