‘Alaskan Bush People’: Revisit Snowbird Babysitting Her Godson For the First Time

“Noah, Alicia, and I… We definitely had a rough patch.” Watch as ‘Alaskan Bush People’ siblings Noah and Snowbird rebuild their relationship through tiny Eli.

As Noah Brown navigates the trials of parenthood and siblinghood simultaneously, he eventually comes to rely on Snowbird. Any sibling knows that brothers and sisters don’t get along as often as they do. For this ‘Alaskan Bush People’ brother and sister, Noah making Snowbird his son’s Godmother was their first step towards rebuilding a healthier bond.

“This would be the first time that Rain and I have just let Birdie take care of Eli by herself,” Noah reveals of his sisters. “It’s kind of a crucial moment.”

“Eli needs to grow up with Birdie being a stable thing in his life. That way if something does happen to Rain and I, she’s right there and can just step into position,” Noah continues.

“It feels good to be ‘Godsitting,” Snowbird tells the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ crew. “I’m a little nervous,” she admits, “but he seems to be a well behaved little guy.”

Despite her nerves, Snowbird makes a clear effort to entertain and bond with Eli while her brothers go off to work on the land. She, alongside Noah, hope this is a true turning point in their relationship.

“Noah, Alicia, and I… We definitely had a rough patch,” Snowbird tells of her Godson’s parents. “And I think Noah naming me as Godmother was his way of wanting to fix things. And I want Alicia and Noah to know I’m taking it seriously.”

WATCH: Snowbird Babysits Her Godson for the First Time

Relive this crucial moment for several members of the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ family below:

Noah asks Snowbird to babysit his son while he works so that they strengthen their bond.

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How Many Episodes of ‘ABL’ has Snowbird Filmed?

Over the last decade, ‘Alaskan Bush People’ fans have gotten to know Snowbird quite well. This shouldn’t be surprising, either, considering the amount of episodes she’s filmed.

According to their cast listings on IMDb, Ami Brown, and her daughter Snowbird have 77 episodes to their credit. Four of their sons, however, have the top episode counts:

Noah and Bear Brown have a total of 82 episodes to their name, beating out their father. Gabe Brown bests both brothers with 85 episodes. And the king of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ episode counts?

Shockingly, it’s not Bear Brown, the self-professed “King of Extreme!”… It’s Bam Bam!

Joshua Bam Bam Brown has featured in a whopping 112 episodes across all specials, season episodes, and “Alaskan Bush People” programming. That’s a lot of television!

And as for ‘Alaskan Bush People’ patriarch Billy Brown? Billy was lost to a seizure on February 8, 2021, but before his death filmed a tremendous amount of television.