‘All in the Family’ Star Rob Reiner Revealed Bizarre Anniversary Gift He Always Got for Parents

Actor and director Rob Reiner has some tips on relationships. And not just romantic relationships, but family relationships, too.

In a 2014 interview with AARP Magazine, Reiner offered some advice for strengthening relationships. Among them? Start a ritual that’s just between the two or three of you.

Reiner created one such ritual with his parents. And it’s actually a pretty bizarre ritual, but it was just Reiner’s way of letting them know he was thinking of them.

‘All in the Family’ Star Reiner’s Parental Ritual: Caviar and Tongue

The “All in the Family” star divulged that every Christmas Eve, he started giving his parents, Carl and Estelle, a tin of caviar. However, Carl and Estelle didn’t just eat the caviar by itself.

“I actually started one of these rituals on [my parents’] anniversary,” Reiner told AARP Magazine. “Their anniversary was on Christmas Eve — that was the day they got married. And I would give them a little tin of caviar. And they would always buy some tongue to go along with it.”

Tongue and caviar? Really?

“I know, I know,” Reiner said. “They bought that from the deli, and that is what they would do. My dad misses her like crazy. He talks about her all the time.”

Estelle Reiner passed away in 2008. Comedy legend Carl Reiner died in June of last year.

‘When Harry Met Sally’ Originally Had a Different Ending

Reiner, who directed “When Harry Met Sally,” had been single for 10 years after divorcing actress and director Penny Marshall at the time he made that film. As he and screenwriter Nora Ephron originally envisioned the movie, Harry and Sally never do manage to get together in the end.

Reiner said had been the model for Harry. And suddenly, when he met photographer Michele Singer, he could envision an ending in which Harry finds love.

“I couldn’t see how I would get with anybody ever again,” Reiner told AARP Magazine. “It became the basis for the film. Nora Ephron was the prototype for Sally, and I was the prototype for Harry. We had an ending where they didn’t get together. But I met [Singer] three-quarters of the way through the movie, and I thought, ‘Oh, well, I see how this could work again.’”

It was cinematographer Barry Sonnenfeld who introduced the future couple. Their first date, a double date, was kind of rough; Reiner told Singer not to smoke, and she told him to lose some weight. But Reiner would go on to marry Singer, and the two of them have three children together.