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Alternative Travel: Man on Horseback Taunts Drivers at the Pumps

(Photo credit: georgeclerk via Getty Images)

 Do you remember the short-lived gas shortage earlier this year? People were pulling their cars into long lines at the pumps. Some genius-level thinkers were even filling garbage bags with gasoline. It would have been a pretty wild week if it hadn’t come directly after the hellscape that was 2020. Well, a fuel shortage is currently causing the same long lines across the pond. Drivers in the UK are lining up around the block to get some petrol for their ride. One man on horseback rode among those cars and mocked the drivers.

The man on horseback is GusDolphin, a TikTok user who is currently going viral for mocking drivers in long lines. Before we go on, watch the hilarious video below. Try not to get his song stuck in your head. You’ve been warned.


Queuing for Petrol I’m on a horse

♬ original sound – GusLeeDolphin

According to BroBible, the video comes from a Shell station in Thames Ditton, Greater London. In the video, we see the London-based TikTok star riding through a massive line of cars and all the way up to a gas pump. It doesn’t seem like the drivers are paying the man on horseback much attention. However, it’s hard to imagine that they could ignore his song.

Queuing for petrol / Queuing for petrol / Queuing for petrol / but I’m on a horse,” the man on horseback sings as he makes his way through the crowd of cars. “I don’t need petrol/ ‘cause he runs on carrots/ he runs on carrots / I don’t need petrol ‘cause I’m on a horse.”

The publication reports that GusDolphin is a 26-year-old sales engineer who became a TikTok celebrity. His co-star’s name is Ranger. However, that’s all the info we have on the horse.

How the London Man Decided to Taunt Drives from Horseback

This isn’t the first video like this that GusDolphin made. Not long ago, he posted a similar video from his bicycle. However, the young man decided that it would be much funnier if he were on horseback. He’s not wrong. Riding a bike through town isn’t a big deal. However, if you get on a horse and take it for a stroll through town, people will take notice.

Dolphin told the publication that he did the video on a dare. He saw some success with the first video but thought he could do better. The London man decided that a video on horseback would be much funnier. However, his friends didn’t agree. They didn’t think it would work as well. Furthermore, they didn’t think he would be able to find a horse. Obviously, they were wrong all the way around. We can only hope he rode up to those friends on the horse and delivered a hearty, “Told ya so.”