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America’s First Waterpark Is Now 250 Acres of Abandoned Wasteland, Hits Market for $11 Million

(Photo by: Dukas/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Among inflation and rising costs of home and property, the United States’ first waterpark has been listed for sale at a sky-high $11 million. However, according to the San Bernardino assessor’s office, the post-apocalyptic wasteland in California’s Mojave Desert only values at $1.25 million.

The waterpark was initially deemed Lake Dolores Waterpark. It went up for sale earlier last month and sprawls across a total of 250 acres. After three transitions, the abandoned waterpark finally closed in 2004. Since then, adventurists have turned the wasteland into a kind of permanent guerilla art gallery. Pictures show the remaining, dilapidated structures coated in layers of spray paint, featuring all kinds of images, icons, and messages.

According to the New York Post, abandoned Lake Dolores Waterpark transitioned hand three times in the course of 60 years. Not once did the park remain successful very long.

However, Nevada photographer Shaun shared his thoughts about the artwork that now covers the structures still standing. He admitted his admiration for what became of the closed commercial attraction.

“I’ve visited the park several times over the years since it was abandoned, and each time it is slightly more decayed and weather-beaten – not to mention covered in spray paint.”

Street artists receive a bad rap from non-art affiliates all over the world. Although, Shaun highlights the ways in which the park has become purposeful since its final closure almost two decades ago. “A large waterpark sitting abandoned in the arid Mojave desert is an incredibly surreal scene, and it’s great to see people turn it into essentially a playground and guerilla art gallery for those others who are willing to hop the fence and explore it.”

Investors Make Plans for Abandoned Waterpark

In the meantime, then, the wasteland of a waterpark serves as an all-weather art gallery. In checking out the pictures, the buildings feature an eclectic depiction of images. However, as the park hits the market once again, it appears those interested in buying it have much different plans.

According to the New York Post, following the park’s closure in the early 2000s, the land has since traded hands twice. The last exchange took place in 2013, when the latest sale saw a price of $1.5 million. Therefore, as the waterpark has only seen further creative utilization and extensive damage, it appears the $11 million price point sits relatively high.

However, the price remains so high due to future plans the current owner has for the waterpark. This time, investors don’t plan to turn the land into a waterpark. Instead, the current owner plans to sell the land with the potential of developmental opportunities. The article shared the potential buyer would receive permission to develop the property for any sort of commercial use.

As the waterpark remains on the market, the Nevada photographer said, “It [could become] some fancy development like the owner is hoping for with listing it for sale.” Though he also pointed out that, should that happen, it could simply revert right back to a massive sandlot, as it truly is now.

Potential plans for the available land include a lake resort, camping grounds, and a “restored and upgraded” waterpark. Additionally, these feature public services, retail spaces, and more. However, should the presumptuous price cause the abandoned waterpark to remain on the market, creatives will continue to use it as an art gallery.