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Andrew Cuomo Window Clings Look Like NY Governor is Spying on Thanksgiving Gathering

Photo Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

With COVID-19 taking away people’s sense of normalcy, tradition and routine, some are looking for something to cling to. For New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, he looks to cling to your window this Thanksgiving.

A Sticky Situation

The goal of the sticker made by Custom 716 is to make it look like the Governor is peering into a house’s family gathering, silently judging. While taking a bite of your turkey, you’ll look up and make direct eye contact with Cuomo.

It’ll make you think: Is this a safe gathering?

“Cuomo has been begging New Yorkers to spend Turkey Day alone, warning the coronavirus’s rapid spread has increased in part thanks to small, indoor gatherings in recent months as the weather has turned slightly chillier,” according to an article from NY Post.

As the state, and many others, face increases in their COVID-19 rate, it must face hard decisions surrounding the holidays.

Cuomo and Other Governors Agree

Cuomo is not the only official to recommend adjusting holiday plans this year. Despite the loneliness and isolation, this stressful time has created, the pandemic is still in full swing.

According to the CDC, the best way to celebrate with the lowest risk this holiday season is by doing so only with individuals in the same family unit and virtually. This unfortunately would exclude college students returning home or out-of-state relatives.

The CDC also says that exposure during travel is common at airports or other public transporation. Also, longer gatherings will pose a greater threat.

During a phone conference Cuomo said, “Your safe zone is not a safe zone, your safe zone is dangerous this year.”

According to the South Bend Tribune, there are a growing number of governors urging people to cancel their holiday plans. It includes Mike DeWine of Ohio, Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Tony Evers of Wisconsin, Tim Walz of Minnesota, J.B. Pritzker of Illinois and Andy Beshear of Kentucky. The group wrote an opinion article for The Washington Post saying “Americans need to stay home this Thanksgiving.”

Perhaps the Cuomo cling can remind Americans why staying at home may possibly be an essential, protective move this holiday season.