Arby’s Sponsoring College Football RB’s is a Match Made in Heaven Featuring the Coolest Gloves We’ve Ever Seen

Fast food restaurant Arby’s is putting out the call to college football players who want to make a little money on the side.

Arby’s has come up with a very interesting marketing campaign called “Arby RB’s” — get it? It is alright if you don’t — that is why Outsider is here to explain it to you. In the world of college football, “RB” is short for “Running Back,” one of the primary positions on offense. Arby’s is now recruiting NCAA running backs to be a part of their latest marketing ploy. They even already have a few top playmakers signed up.

Among the D1 running backs already joining the party in Washington State’s Max Borghi, Ohio State’s Treveyon Henderson, Auburn’s Shaun Shivers and Notre Dame’s Kyren Williams. That is some real star power as each of these running backs has already accumulated a lot of success in college football. Henderson, just a true Freshman at Ohio State, is the reigning Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week. Borghi expects to be drafted by the NFL next spring while both Shivers and Williams are major contributors to their teams.

In a social media post on Wednesday, Arby’s put out the call for college football running backs to join in on the fun. They also show off the most awesome football gloves anyone has ever seen. We can’t confirm if they are real or not but just imagine your favorite team cruising to the end zone wearing these bad boys.

Arby’s Looking to Give College Football Running Back Some Cash

Another Wednesday tweet put out by Arby’s provides a little more detail on the operation. The restaurant is looking to load up on college football running backs. For collegiate athletes, it’s an easy way to collect a little money on the side — and what college student couldn’t do with a little more cash? In order to collect, all you have to do is film yourself muttering a short phrase.

“Are you a D1 college running back looking to beef up your bank account?” the tweet says. “Arby’s RB’s pays you to say, ‘Tonight, I’m getting Arby’s!’ Time to get that Arby’s cash, y’all.”

The social media post also provides a link where players can go to learn all the details of the offer. Arby’s is reportedly offering each running back $500 to participate in their marketing ploy.

This Arby’s deal is one of the first mass NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) campaigns from a national chain. Earlier this year, it was ruled that collegiate athletes can profit from their own name, image and likeness. Several athletes have already obtained deals with many more to come.