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Barack Obama Reveals Paul McCartney Once Serenaded Michelle in New ‘A Promised Land’ Memoir

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Barack Obama revealed that Paul McCartney once serenaded Michelle Obama.

What the Book Says

“[T]here was the time Paul McCartney serenaded my wife with ‘Michelle,’ he wrote according to the LA Times. “She laughed, a little embarrassed, as the rest of the audience applauded, and I wondered what Michelle’s parents would have said back in 1965, the year the song came out. If someone had knocked on the door of their South Side home and told them that someday the Beatle would be singing it to their daughter from a White House stage.”

Furthermore, the specific night he’s referencing is in June 2010 when he gave McCartney the Library of Congress’ Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. Aside from the legendary Beatle, countless other musicians were on hand to perform. Elvis Costello, Dave Grohl, Jonas Brothers, Faith Hill, Jack White, among countless others.

Watch the performance, below.

What Barack Obama Had to Say

Moreover, during an interview with The Current, Barack spoke about the special moment. “That was lovely,” he smiled. “Paul McCartney had been awarded the Gershwin prize, each year it is given to a renowned composer. There was a celebration of McCartney’s music, at the end he performed several songs. We were sitting in the front row and he starts singing ‘Michelle.'”

“He’s strumming on the guitar singing this to her and she’s blushing a little bit since all of the attention and eyes are on her,” he continued. Additionally, Obama tried to picture how shocked her parents would have been witnessing this moment. Specifically, her becoming the first lady and meeting McCartney. “I tried to imagine what her parents would have said when she was born back in 1964.”

“She’s probably two, three or four years old,” he continued. “They’re living on the South Side of Chicago and somebody knocked on their door and told them that someday she will be the First Lady of the United States and that one of the Beatles is going to sing that song to her. They would have called the police. It was so improbable.”

Finally, Obama came full circle and reminisced on what it meant. Altogether, their lives are seemingly impossible. “It was a lovely indication of where she had traveled and Paul McCartney could not have been more gracious,” he added. “Since that time we’ve become friends. He likes performing, he’s a natural entertainer.”