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Barack Obama Thanks Poll-Workers: ‘You’re Helping Make Democracy Work Today’

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Today, former President Barrack Obama offered his appreciation to poll workers via Twitter. In an election where voting is more important than ever, Obama uses his platform to encourage citizens to vote. To do so, many must risk their health and safety to be poll workers and election clerks. The former President made sure to thank them for their patriotism.

During this election, many athletes, celebrities, and public figures have also used their reach to encourage voting. Individuals and companies alike have used social media to urge Americans to vote. In this case, the prominence of social media support has likely led to an increase in voter turnout. Obama makes sure to thank those athletes in a recent Twitter repost.

Obama on Voter Turnout

Even as the polls near a close, the former President continues to encourage voter turnout. Despite the ability to vote early or by mail in most states, lines at the polls are still long. While it is inconvenient for voters, it is a hopeful sign. In a recent Tweet, Obama urges voters to stay in line even after the polls close.

These long polling lines are likely due to the increase in voter turnout in this election. For example, in 2016, only 58.1% of the voting-eligible population participated in the Presidential election. This year, a record 101.2 million Americans voted early in the Presidential election. So, roughly 42.3% of the voting-eligible population voted early in this election. Considering the lines at the polls today, this election is poised to post a record number for voter turnout.

Former President Obama has been a large part of this push. His pinned tweet today features a video advertisement encouraging voting. For instance, Obama says in the ad “the actions you take today will determine what kind of country we decide to be.” He continues to encourage young voters to take charge of their future, and choose the direction of the country. As he suggests, the younger generation plays a major role in this election and this country’s future.