Beach Boys Considering Reuniting for a Public Celebration for 60th Anniversary

Endless summer has stretched for 60 years now. But The Beach Boys aren’t boys anymore, so much as they are grown-men looking back at their careers.

It’s been quite some time since the days of sunshine, surfing, and carefree visits to the beach. The tune “When I Grow Up (To Be a Man” proved to be a prophetic glance at the fading of youth. But they’re considering getting the band back together to celebrate their 60th Anniversary.

The Band Might Reunite

Or as much as they can get the band back together. Founding members Dennis and Carl Wilson have passed away in the years since. In their absence, the original Beach Boys have since broken away into two separate camps. Currently, Mike Love and Bruce Johnston have been touring under the name with a new generation. Meanwhile, Al Jardine and Brian Wilson have been performing together.

But perhaps the healing power of the anniversary can bring the boys back together. So far, Jardine has been the biggest advocate for the reunion.

“I do believe we will. Well, not a tour. We’ll hit some very important … 10 or 20 areas of the world,” he told the Rolling Stone. “Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and have a renaissance, and present some of this great material again. It’s difficult to say, but it makes sense. I know there’s something in the works. I just can’t tell you when or where.”

Since then, Jardine mentioned a TV special might be the best way to honor the occasion.

Speaking to us, Jardine confirms that a TV special is being discussed. “We’d like to explore that possibility,” Jardine continued. “It’s always good to be able to look forward to something positive now. Especially coming out of this horrendous year, to bring some beautiful, fresh, positive music to the world again.”

The Beach Boys Reunited Once Before

But both Love and Wilson seem unsure. They admitted that they didn’t know if a reunion would happen for the 60th between all the band members. It wouldn’t be the first time the band reunited for a reunion, putting aside their feud. For the 50th anniversary, the band came together for a tour and even produced a new album together.

“The tour… blew away all my expectations,” Wilson said afterward. “We had a blast, the fans were so supportive and I loved being able to record and sing with the guys.”

Their reunion was short-lived however. The band split once again after the tour. But perhaps, the anniversary will reunite the Beach Boys once more.